A Long, Rewarding Road Ahead

I felt pretty confident after submitting my first draft, but I was still aware of the long road ahead. Since I was so invested in the project, I had trouble seeing its underutilized potential. Yet when I sat down with Shelley and my blog group members, everything became clear to me. While there is a lot of laborious revision to be done, I am genuinely excited to begin the process. I am not only deeply passionate about this project, but I can also visualize the end result, and boy, will it be great!

My first step in the revision process is to create the website in which my re-purposed project (and eventually my re-mediated project) will live. Shelley helped me see that an original website is the perfect opportunity for me to achieve my goals. I will be able to demonstrate my unique writing voice and passion, showcase my memoir, and present my call-to-action—all in one online medium. Now, since I’ve never created a website before, this is a slightly intimidating task. Nonetheless, I’m excited to learn new things about the world of digital media and to find my individual style along the way. After creating this website and my ePortfolio, I hope to become more tech savvy than ever before!




I am most excited about the multifaceted nature of a website. I now have the ability to turn my single blog post into several pieces and display these pieces in conjunction with menu headings. I will allot a few sections to “My Story,” a section or two to my call-to-action, and a section or two to my readers’ guide. The purpose of this “guide to the reader” is to provide suggestions for how Millennials can volunteer. I will organize these sections by criteria, such as money spent on the volunteer trip (especially for flights), time allotted to volunteering, communities served, etc. In doing so, I hope to make my website relatable to Millennials with all different interests, limitations, and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. This will also be a great opportunity to take advantage of the hyperlink feature.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be focusing on making my website as personal as possible. By including both an “About Me” section and a letter to the reader that introduces my website, I will have ample opportunity to flesh out my personal experiences. As my blog group members advised, I should go into greater detail about the background of my trip: Why did I decide to go on the trip in the first place? What role had my heritage played in my life up until this point? What role did it play in my decision to go to Armenia? What had I hoped to gain from my experience? What did I ultimately gain from my experience? The list goes on and on. I think I underestimated the compelling power of my story, so I shouldn’t hold back when sharing it with my audience.

I also want to go into greater detail about the service trip itself. I want to paint a picture for the reader of my first drive into the devastating slums of Vanadazor, Armenia, and how I saw the helpless look on the children’s faces and the despair in their eyes. I want to further develop my experience with the grandmother who emotionally thanked me. For what was she thanking me? What had we done to make her so grateful? All in all, the possibilities for this website are endless.




With regard to blog (and now website) conventions, I will add more photos, hyperlinks and graphic design to the piece. Shelley also made the fantastic suggestion of creating an info-graphic for my researched facts on global poverty. The more multi-modality, the better! I want my website to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is informative and moving.

I am confident that I will take great pride in this project. I want to share with not only my friends and family, but also the greater public. If I truly want to reach Millennials with my argument, then I must display it on the Internet for the world to see. Perhaps The Fuller Center for Housing could publish it on their webpage, or maybe the International Center at U of M could use it to help students find opportunities (or even just inspiration) to volunteer. Either way, look out for my website in the near future 🙂

3 thoughts to “A Long, Rewarding Road Ahead”

  1. Hi Mel! Your project sounds incredible! For mine, I am writing an article meant to be published online for Time. Your post is making me consider if I should create a website as well because I think my article would be stronger if I embedded videos or other media. I was planning on just using hyperlinks and screenshots, but a working website is intriguing. Good luck and I hope all goes well with revising your project!

  2. Hi Mel,
    It sounds like you’re in a really good place with your project. I think a website is a really interesting medium because you can do a lot visually with the site. I agree that revision is the most important part, and I think my project will change a lot through the revision process as well. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

  3. Hi Mel, very nice to hear about your project. I feel the same in that my vision of the end goal is what’s really propelling me. Creating your own website from scratch though, that super tough! Plus all of the graphics you plan on featuring sound difficult, but hopefully will be rewarding. I think the personal touches you add to each page will be really key in priming your visitors for reading your memoir. I wish you the best in getting everything finished before the deadline!

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