Approaching My Re-Mediation Project

I should start off by stating that I found chapter 6 of “Writer/Designer” to be far more helpful in regards to planning my approach to my re-mediation project than I had assumed it would be. Aside from clarifying the differences between storyboards and mock-ups for me, it mostly just presented information that I was already familiar with. And yet I felt as if going over such important aspects of a project like assets and timelines was very helpful in regards to the overall organization of my thoughts. This was huge for me considering how overwhelmed I was beginning to feel thinking of my re-mediation project while my re-purposing assignment is still in the revision stage.

Speaking of the revision stage, I thought it was almost funny how we are just getting assigned reading that mentions the feedback loop, which has obviously been such an instrumental part of every assignment we’ve taken on this semester thus far. Like, the feedback loop includes every step we intend to take toward the finalization of our re-purposing project with the exception of our initial idea pitches.

In regards to my re-mediation project, one issue I already see is that I’m not sure how I would go about creating a mock-up or a storyboard considering what I am intending to do with this project. I want to use unscripted footage of students explaining their take on why blackout culture is so big on Michigan’s campus, and string it together in a way that will make a cohesive argument. I don’t see how I could create that image as a visual in the form of a mock-up. I also don’t see how I can anticipate the responses I am going to receive to make a storyboard that would allow me to illustrate what I intend to show on screen in my video. I suppose I could just focus on the inclusion of what types of inter titles and transitions I intend to use throughout my video, but I am not sure how useful that kind of storyboard would be. I suppose I could just focus on writing a script of questions I intend to ask students, even if I do not intend to include them in the video itself. Additionally, I could definitely consider what kinds of soundtracks there might be in the background of the video in addition to the setting in regards to where I intend to go to interview students.

In regards to my assets, I think that I am more than capable of creating the type of video I have in mind using equipment I already have in my possession. My laptop has the iMovie app, which I became somewhat familiar with in high school when I took a media production course with one of the coolest teachers I’ve ever had. Actually, although this is totally unrelated, but I feel like doing him a solid and sharing his music here. This guy has actually become a homie since I graduated, and I think some of his work is actually awesome.

Anyway, I’d also need a recording device of some sort to make this video happen. I think my go-pro would suffice, right? I just think its sturdy and mobile nature is pretty ideally considering that I would prefer to interview a lot of students in more social settings such as football tailgates and the bars if possible.

Thanks brings me to my next point regarding my timeline for completing this project. There are only two football tailgates left in the semester, and so I’ve got to make moves in terms of gathering footage if I want any chance of having enough quality responses to get a quality argument coming from this project. Other than that though, as long as iMovie and my go-pro will suffice as my assets for this assignment, I think setting aside time to gather footage and edit it will be the only two major factors I need to consider in regards to completing my re-mediation project in timely manner.

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  1. Hey Nick!
    I actually feel that our problems and concerns regarding our remediation projects are pretty similar! Since I’m making a video and interviewing students as well I think we could talk about the best way to gather footage and put it all together. I’m thinking of maybe renting a camera from the LS&A building because apparently you can do that?? But yeah I’ve never used apple movie editor I’ve only ever used the one on Windows computers (also that was freshman year of high school) so that should be interesting. Let me know if you figure out a way to get a microphone or some sort of clear recording device!

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