Contradictions in the Writer’s Evolution Essay

Hi everyone,

As we in the Capstone class embark on the process of now editing our Writer’s Evolution Essay draft, I wanted to pause and reflect on the contradictions that are emerging in my first draft of this essay. As I was writing I definitely noticed that there were contradictory sentiments arising out of my essay. I resisted the urge to press ‘backspace’ and instead continued to power through my first draft as organically as possible. It turned to to be quite messy which I took as a partial victory because in that mess there was a lot of truth. However, I did find myself questioning why so much of what I wrote seemed to twist back on itself.

One thing I mentioned is how much less I seem to write as I get older. I seem to write only when it is demanded of me and less and less for myself. When I was younger, it was just the opposite dynamic. Yet, I also cover how I continue to use writing constantly as an outlet- something I covered extensively in my initial ‘Why I Write’ essay. These two facts definitely seem at odds. How can I continue writing as an outlet if I am writing less? Is this just a biased perception of myself or are one of these claims blatantly incorrect? As I weed through the revelations and challenges that came out of this first draft I think many of these contradictions come from a variance of perception. While in the thick of this class, I feel like writing is something I don’t do enough- at other times, I feel like writing is an inherent part of my life. The way I view my writing is circumstantial to my current viewpoint and therefore its changes.

As I now look to revise this first draft I think its important not to view these contradictions as challenges to be tackled but as nuances to be fleshed out. Something seemingly contradictory is probably only scratching the surface of a deeper, more complex explanation. By allowing myself to create a non-linear but truthful first attempt at this paper I am hoping now I can begin to make meaningful, deeper connections. This paper is undeniably challenging and I see many of us encountering the same struggles but I do believe that is only going to make the pieces stronger in the long run.


Anisha Nandi

I am a Communications and SAC double major pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. I am originally form New York but love being at U of M. I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with my family and being outdoors. I have always loved writing, especially creatively.

One thought to “Contradictions in the Writer’s Evolution Essay”

  1. Hi Anisha,

    Thank you for sharing your process about the Writer’s Evolution Essay. I definitely could agree with you on several things you addressed. I really liked the idea of how you powered through things to continue writing down your thoughts without backspacing. I think this is a great practice I need to try out because I get so caught up with thinking before I write, that it all seems way too much forced/not true.

    I thought your perceptions on writing was an interesting thing about how you got older you wrote less. I would agree to an extent because it seems like the only things we are ‘writing’ are for our classes. However, I think we don’t notice how much other ‘writing’ we do when we get older. I feel like as I have increased in age, I am writing more emails, crafting witty instagram captions, and jotting down different notes to remember. Although this is not a part of the academic writing, I feel like this has helped shape who I am as a writer more. Therefore, writing has just become so natural in our life that you may not even notice this kind of writing.

    Good luck as you continue through your drafts. Definitely let me know if you wanted to bounce some ideas with me or if you wanted to exchange papers. I know I would definitely like doing that.


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