Contradictions in the Writer’s Revolution

I suppose what I struggled most with for the first draft of this assignment is staying on the topic of writing explicitly… Recognizing that this is fundamentally a paper aimed at getting us to dig into our undergraduate experience, I feel strongly compelled to flesh out the context of personal detail that surrounded each piece of evidence that I include all the same. This leaves me with the how-much-is-too-much dilemma. Obviously a paper without any personal detail is an uniteresting read, no matter how evidence based it’s supposed to be. But then I find myself going on about something I wrote when I was eight or my relationship with my mother or a break up that happened around the same time as a certain piece of evidence (I didn’t actually put that last one in but grapple with whether or not I should every time I read over the draft). How much is too much? How will I know when I’ve totally sidetracked off the path of the assignment and I’m just regurgitating every thought I had around when these pieces were assigned rather than constructing a thoughtful analysis of how/why I wrote it?

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