Contradictions in Writer’s Evolution Essay

After writing my first draft of my evolution essay, I came across two contradicting ideas that I was unable to convey in my draft. I wanted to make each of these claims, but there was evidence from separate papers that served as counterarguments for each of the arguments I wanted to make.

As I began reflecting on my previous writing I began to feel that my past assignments that did not have a strict rubric lead to me writing more creative and authentic pieces. This was especially true in my writing for the Gateway course and with my writing in English 325. Despite wanting to make this claim, when I reflected on my earlier writing I found that the opposite held true.

With my DSP essay and my writing from my first-year writing requirement, I also had some autonomy in my writing. In both of these scenarios, I was presented with vague prompts, but the writing I came up with was not creative or authentic. In these cases, not having a strict rubric led to me putting less effort in my writing, and the writing itself suffered.

I haven’t decided if it’s important for me to include these claims in the direction of my writer’s evolution essay, but perhaps there was something that led to this change my writing. I took both the Gateway course and English 325 during my junior year and the earlier courses were from my freshman year. Perhaps something occurred in my writing during those two years, but I have yet to determine a possible solution.

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  1. Hi Brendan,

    I believe you might want to emphasize the transformation in that writing in order to solve this contradiction. As you noted, you wrote the DSP and first year essays during your freshman year. I can almost guarantee you that all of us who have written these essays have had the same experience. In some way or another, our writing during that time in our educational development was different. In your case, it might be that you were less creative. These essays aren’t necessarily things that I would say you couldn’t use either. What you could potentially do is leave these as clear examples as to how your work has evolved then show the other writing examples later on as a way of tracking development.

    I realize that it might cause your essay to take on a whole new role, but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. Maybe you could kind of maneuver it to be different and you won’t have to completely change the essay. Either way, I think this paradox is fixable.

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