Cutting the Fat & Finding the Right “Voice”

Words don’t come easily for me. It often takes several drafts before something sounds the way I want it to. That said, I think I am still at the stage where all my sentences are only just perfunctory–to capture my thoughts as I fiercely scribbled them down. I have yet to “cut the fat” and delete the fill in words. But my voice and style is in there, I’ve just got to work a little harder to dig it out.


   Something I have noticed: I’ve always liked inserting myself into the narrative, but I am finding that since I’m talking about a more sensitive topic, it might be better with I wrote the article in third person. This is quite hard, since the project is as much a personal journey as it is something created to educate my audience.

   Also, because I’m talking about a sensitive topic, potentially walking the fine line of being culturally sensitive and addressing racism, I have to pay special attention to what I say and HOW I say it.

   It’s not easy. But like all pieces of writing, all I need is more time and some good ol’ advice. 

Minna Wybrecht

Minna's a PreMed student at the University of Michigan. She believes in three things. Milk chocolate. Ballroom dancing. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

One thought to “Cutting the Fat & Finding the Right “Voice””

  1. Hey Minna, don’t sweat it too much if your first draft looks perfunctory, thats exactly how they are suppose to look! Once you get the initial thoughts down its easy to clear whats unnecessary and build on the parts that will really matter. Your point about writing your article in third person I think is pretty keen, but I guess it depends whether or not your are going for a personal investigative tone or a more report style article. Personally, I think it sounds good so far in third person, and I appreciate how you are trying to be sensitive while addressing your social context.

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