Delete. Delete. Deleeeetttttttttteeeee……

That’s what I found myself doing to my Repurposing project. Simultaneously, it was a relief, and anxiety-causing. I was relieved because I started realizing what I wanted to say. Worried, because I watched my page numbers dwindle. But that seems to be the standard procedure for writing investigative journalist pieces (not that I have much experience given this is my second article…). But as people say, your assets are often a selective sample from your entire pool of research. I am still grappling with not including all of my research, since some of the things I’ve come across are extremely interesting. But effective writing isn’t More, it’s Lessorganized in a way that maximizes your use of rhetorical strategies (One of the lessons I learned from revising my first investigative journalist piece.).


So a little bit on my revision plan…My topic is on why people don’t like country music. At first my target audience was for non-fans. I found myself addressing all the reasons why people don’t like country music, and because people’s reasons were so complex, I found myself juggling one million concepts at once. That wasn’t working.


What needed to happen was for me to narrow stuff down and pick a single thing that I really wanted to address. After talking with my group members and Naomi about a revision plan, I started thinking about refocusing my article to addressing what “country music” means to three different groups of people: non-fans, fans, and singers. Now, as I am reconstructing my article (Not quite starting from scratch. Since of course I keep everything I’ve written in a separate document no matter if I use it or not.), I’ve realized it might be more interesting to focus on what country music means to fans and non-fans, and what that tells ussociety/the readerabout the role of music in our lives. Interesting transition. So far it’s working. We’ll see where my next draft takes me…


Minna Wybrecht

Minna's a PreMed student at the University of Michigan. She believes in three things. Milk chocolate. Ballroom dancing. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

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