Genre and Style

Inhabiting a new genre has been a fun and informative experience. Although this project is an experiment in style, it has also become an experiment with my own style. I have found that as I emulate this style of writing – investigative New York Times style journalism – I am figuring out more of what I can do with my writing, and the ways in which my voice can be heard.

For me, all of my beginning efforts were focused on the content of the paper, and how I wanted to project it. While before I had associated genre and style with the , what occurred to me was that style encompasses these aspects of content and structure as well. Looking through the examples I had found and were using as reference, I spent more time focusing on what the authors talked about, where, and why. This new lense helped me figure out the true nature of the genre, and how these pieces were able to have their distinct influence on their readership. This helped me realize that I did not need to include any personal anecdotes or any sort of explicit opinion, except maybe through conclusion, and based on facts and perspectives explored throughout the piece. This was more freeing, in a way, as writing the piece became far less open ended. There is obviously room to play around with it, which I will do, because this is a topic that is still very close to me and in order to reach my intended audience I will need to tweak the ‘projection.’

The structure has been a bit tricky upon revision, as I realize that a lot of my writing goes on longer than the NYTimes piece I have been emulating. It goes into more detail and the paragraphs are denser, which is not necessary for this style. In terms of new vocabulary, I do not think I have learned any new words, but I have definitely put to use different types of verbs. Trying to be assertive in my writing, yet still objective and journalistic.

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  1. Hi Wyatt,

    It is a weird feeling when you are embodying another type of writing but still trying to insert your own voice in your piece. I think we can all attest to that when looking back on project 1!! I remember at the start of the project, we were having conversation about what you should actually incorporate into your content and we were bouncing around so many different ideas. For example, you were contemplating the choice of whether you should insert your own voice and stories into the piece or whether you should be super objective with it. But once you identify those parameters and get what you want in terms of context, it is so much fun getting to morph that into the format of another genre of writing. And I am sure you got to experience that as you were turning your own writing into a New York Times style piece.
    Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and experiences with me over the past several weeks. I think this is my last comment for ya for a while!!
    Best and see you around-

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