Insert Epiphany Here

The ball for this particular project has been rolling faster than I seem to be able to keep up… This semester is flying by and already we are on part two of this project. As for issues…well my biggest obstacle is my complete lack of technical skills!! I’ve experimented with WordPress and as I didn’t get very far, I think it is time to move on to Wix. Hopefully my success rate will rise. I am most nervous about figuring out how to make my ideas transfer both artistically and rhetorically well from my personal narrative to a website format. I suppose I will have to finish my personal narrative first to get to this step… It is all a work in progress as I figure out which ideas to focus in on (like my own personal experiences) and which ideas to cut loose.

The mockup, rather than the storyboard, sounds like it will be the best way to layout my possible web design. I will probably draw this on a larger piece of paper to help myself visually map everything out. I need to decide how best to set up this small website to encourage interactivity and whether I am going to organize sections based on specific questions on faith, or something else.

My biggest question is how I will make this topic appealing to readers. How can I make my own frustrations and questions relevant and modernized to those same feelings in other millennials? How can I develop the skills to effectively portray my thoughts through an online medium? This project is out of my comfort zone, so I know it’s working. I not only have to explore a topic in which I have no clear answer or argument, but I also need to test my (lackluster) creative and abstract/expressive abilities. I’m picturing the cover of this rather nauseating children’s book about religion my mother was particularly enthused about me reading entitled Hi God, It’s Me, Margaret, or something along those lines. The little girl sits staring up searching for an answer. While this book was a particular hatred of mine growing up, now I see something in myself in the story line…It would be great if God appeared and dropped the epiphany for this project into my lap. Really great. Not to mention it would clear up my particular ambivalence issue here.

Well, there it is…I’m still waiting.

2 thoughts to “Insert Epiphany Here”

  1. Hi Emily! So in response to your question, I think that making the website visually appealing will automatically draw in anyone who sees it. Today’s day and age is all in relation to social media and the Internet, so as long as you think the website would be appealing to you if you were to be scrolling around, I think you did your job. I also think in order to further engage viewers, you could have an area designated for anonymous commentary. This would open up the conversation more and make it more welcoming (though I could not tell you at all how to add this feature). Excited to see the first draft 🙂

  2. Emily – I can relate to many of the feelings you’re experiencing. It can be difficult to jump back and forth between both Major Projects. I started writing down where I am in the drafting stage for each project in order to keep track of how much I have left to do. This strategy might help you feel less overwhelmed. You could also decide to devote most of your time to the personal narrative, and once that feels close to finished, you can shift your focus to the remediation project. Just a thought! My last advice would be to not doubt or downplay your creativity. I am confident that you will amaze yourself with what you can accomplish with this project! P.S. I loved the reference to Judy Blume’s book…it made me chuckle a little 🙂

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