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As the evolution essay requires us to reflect on our work and find something compelling to say about the pieces in the aggregate, I would like to share with you my favorite podcast; it is from longform.org, and it is called the Longform Podcast. Each Wednesday an interview with a longform writer is posted. I love many of the interviews because they shed light into how each writer works, what they love, what they hate, the trajectory of their career, etc. It is very interesting.

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  1. Hi Erica,
    I am happy that you shared this link — I really enjoyed this episode. I was not familiar with the show nor the author being featured in this episode, but I found that having an insight into the thought process of someone who writes for a living was incredibly helpful to mediate the problems I’ve been struggling with in writing the Writer’s Evolution essay and outlining the capstone project. One of the first things Longworth mentions in her interview is this initial stage that we’re all experiencing right now — “pitching”. She says that if she had been asked to pitch a proposal for her podcast before she started creating the episodes, she wouldn’t have been able to do it because she struggles with putting into words what she’s eventually going to put into words, to paraphrase her. I think this is the key issue for a project of this caliber; at the very least it has been for me. The project encompasses such a wide expanse of information and ideas that the mere suggestion of writing a proposal before we begin the thing itself seems impossible. Similarly, for the Writer’s Evolution, because we are being asked to string together so many isolated events and assignments from the course of our undergraduate careers, it can feel a little forced to come up with a coherent document that demonstrates the trajectory or non-trajectory of our development. I know where I want to go with my paper, but I don’t quite know how to get there yet, or if it will make sense to anyone else. It’s nice to know that this problem lingers even for an established longform writer in the entertainment/journalism business. It’s also a reminder to stay true to your ideas even when you can’t communicate them clearly to other people, or if they aren’t understood when you try.

  2. Hi Erica –

    I’m really glad you shared this podcast, and it was very timely that you shared it this week. I’ve just begun my research into podcasts and I’ve been learning about how to make my own podcast for my Capstone Project, so this was very interesting to me. As I slowly begin to learn more about podcasting, I’m particularly interested in the different styles that are utilized and how they are presented on the websites they’re hosted on. I plan to conduct interviews for parts of my own podcast, so this served as a great resource for me.

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