My Shitty First Draft

My process has been…interesting. I love my topic but I honestly feel like no matter what I choose to do, a couple of words on a poster is not enough. However, I don’t think I could execute a video properly. So, I’m kind of looking for that perfect line, or word, that I can use to  express my thousands of thoughts about the issue. Often times, I feel like my thoughts are best expressed through my essays– I find that putting sentences together, for me, is the most effective way of getting my point across. So, naturally, using another mode seems strange and foreign.

Not only that, but I don’t feel confident in my poster making skills which makes me feel insecure about this project. I don’t feel like I have the time our resources to execute this as perfectly as I’d like to. But, I know many others might feel the same way; many of our class is working with modes like satire which we’re not used to working with. And, I know that this is the nature of the assignment: to explore a mode of communication that might be outside of our comfort zone, but doing the best that we can to make it just as effective as our initial mode of our project.

I could use some help, or encouragement, rather, in staying with this mode. It’s what I have my heart set on, and I just need someone to validate that. It’s almost easier when teachers just gave you a prompt. It was dry, and boring, but I didn’t have to decide. These creative decisions seem to make me so anxious! I think to myself: “Will the class like my project? Will the teacher give me a good grade?” I need to go back to the “Shitty First Drafts” mindset, in which no draft was a bad draft, and everything was simply a product of fresh, untouched ideas.

Also, I’d like to reach out, and ask my classmates how they balance the project with module homework. I’m usually great with time management, but I just feel like I’m being pulled in so man directions right now. I want to give all of my energy to the project, but I also want to have thought-out, and thorough blog posts. I knew this project would be time consuming but I need to find a way to feel like I’m managing both the project and the homework! Maybe we should meet up in groups and do some creative thinking outside of class? Who knows! Just feeling stressed, you know! I think I just need to suck it up and get my act together–I need to chamaxresdefaultnnel I should go watch the Shia LeBouf motivational video. Oh, look at that, another mode to use as research!

Anyway, I’d like to preface the unveiling of my rough draft with the typical “I know this is really bad, but…” I really should stop being so insecure about my work! My rough draft is by no means  where I need it to be, but I need to trust the process. A rough draft isn’t a nick name for a final draft–it’s a completely different entity. So, here’s to my shitty first draft! I’ve got a lot of work ahead of my but it will all be worth it.

2 thoughts to “My Shitty First Draft”

  1. Hi Kit,
    I am similarly worried about expressing myself in another mode. I am so accustomed to writing papers that I feel that I might not be able to communicate my ideas effectively without written word to back them up. But I guess the only way we can become better communicators is by practicing what is currently unnatural…
    I am also struggling with balancing my work for this class–I put most of my time into completing the modules that I do not have much time to think about my project itself. Sometimes I feel like the module assignment are ahead of where I actually am with my project, and that scares me and makes me feel rushed.
    I bet a lot of people in the class are similarly overwhelmed. I like your idea of meeting up outside of class to talk / encourage each other/ engage in creative thinking. Or even just to work on our projects in the company of others who are struggling with the same stuff. I would be happy to do this in the upcoming weeks!

  2. Hey Kit! I hope that you’re working towards finding those few words that can sum up your thoughts and make a powerful statement! I think you’ve got the right idea by just going ahead and diving right into a shitty first draft. Maybe you’ll find the kernel by writing! Another recommendation I have would be to not look so hard for a slogan or sentence on the internet, because those have already been done! Maybe try and write some slogans that are more specific and directly relate to college students or even the University of Michigan. Just a thought!

    As for feeling overwhelmed, I think we all do. I think, besides the heaps of work that I seemingly can’t ever finish completely, the most overwhelming thing about this project is the fact that we are the creator. We can do whatever we want and sometimes I find myself lost in a place where I lose confidence or motivation or a great idea turns out to be not so great. But I think the only way to get through it, is to, as you said, JUST DO IT! And that’s harder to do than it is to say, but you’ve got to start somewhere. I think once you’re able to narrow down your topic and get some idea of a slogan, you’ll be just fine. I’m looking forward to see what you come up with!!

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