New Sources For Repurposing

In terms of the progression of my research, I have had a productive experience in finding new, investigative sources for repurposing. As this point in time, I am looking through the rhetoric that’s presented by both online blog and news sites, as to how The Butler may have indeed misrepresented the social standing and events of the Civil Rights Movement in 20th century America. Although most of my research focuses on non-numerical information, such as research reports from American professors regarding the dangerous historical inaccuracies presented in The Butler, I have also found myself searching for varying quantitative information for my repurposing project as well.

According to the various labor statistics models I’ve researched, the Real Median Household Income for Whites during this 1967-2012 period sits at $57,009, while African Americans earned $33,321 over this same period of time. Those who point to this income gap of nearly $24,000 less earned by African American households in this span have made questionable arguments regarding why exactly such an income disparity exists, often pointing to a perceived lack of motivation or effort on the part of the African American workforce nationwide. I believe, as a whole, that the rhetoric presented in The Butler makes similarly precarious arguments as a film.

As it relates to the various levels of research I’ve been tasked with performing in the past, I would say that this particular research process has been more about me heavily focusing on blogs and online magazines, such as sources like Rolling Stone Magazine, rather than those “strictly academic” types of sources. I am incredibly excited to go outside of the box throughout the repurposing process, and as a whole would like to stray away from the more academically inclined sources, and gain a broader perspective on the general public opinion on The Butler.

Henry Khederian

Student, Resident Advisor, Mentor. University of Michigan, Class of 2017.

2 thoughts to “New Sources For Repurposing”

  1. Hi Henry,

    You seem like you’ve got a great handle on your project thus far, especially in the research part of it. I think it’s really interesting that you’re searching for quantitative information for your repurposing project. I never considered it, but including statistics would definitely establish your credibility as a writer. Personally, when I read the statistic you shared about the income gap I was shocked and immediately wanted to learn more. I think your readers will feel the same way.

    Also, it’s great that you’re excited to go outside of the strict nature of academic writing. That’s what I believe is so great about this gateway course. I rarely, if ever, have the ability to choose the type of writing I want to do when I’m given a prompt. While it posed a problem in the beginning of the project because I struggled to narrow down what exactly I wanted to do, I’ve started to discover, much like you said, that it’s exciting and challenging.

    I look forward to hearing more about your process!

  2. Your argument about the income gap is huge argument that Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Case for Reparations touches on. He has a few statistics in there regarding the income gap, you could skim it and see if its helpful.

    So far you seem pretty driven and on track with the project. I think a blog is such an interesting medium for your work, but also very 2015 in terms of popularity, accessibility, and this concept that news and entertainment is created or at least reported at a much more individual level.

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