Signs of Growth

I planned on using my fall break as an escape from my repurposing project, therefore freeing up some time to write a scientific research paper that has been hanging over my head for awhile now. But as I sat down to begin writing, I couldn’t help but think about my repurposing project. I was not necessarily thinking of the topic of my repurposing piece so much as I was the process of writing it. As I attempt to write the research paper, I found myself harping over the most detailed aspects of my writing and subsequently got very little done. It didn’t take long before I realized the construction of my research paper was an exercise of imitation, similar to that being followed in the construction of my repurposing piece. But this time, I was trying to follow the strict format of research journals without a guide-a model source. This was resulting in little progress.

I soon stopped writing and took the time to find a model source from my planned publication medium and began a process similar to that of the repurposing project. I took careful note of the sections needed for the particular journal and created an outline matching that seen in the model. After spending the appropriate time studying my model and planning my course of action, the actual writing of the paper went quickly.

In a more reflective sense, the act of mimicking a model source for the repurposing project has forced me to consider details of style and syntax more closely than ever before. That is not to say I am a careless writer. But when mimicking a model, the details of style and tone become even more critical, especially if you hope to create a truly representative piece. After all, I don’t often write in conventions following typical creative nonfiction pieces in The Atlantic. Furthermore, I can already see my work in the gateway course helping in other areas of my writing. This is a very rewarding feeling, and I look forward to continuing this growth as I progress through the minor.

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