So much reading, so little time

Ah yes.


How has it been going, you may ask?

It has been very time consuming, to say the least.

For my repurposing project, I am creating a video on the ailment that is epilepsy. As a result, the research I am doing has been divided into two categories: theme and form. For the theme, I have to investigate what epilepsy is, how others perceive the disease, and common misconceptions. Despite the technological advances of the world today, we still have not uncovered everything there is to know about the disease; in fact, there is still a lot more we are attempting to understand. With this being a disease that is very much an enigma to the scientific community, there has been an insurmountable amount of research done on this topic. A fair amount of these research papers often come up as traditional academic research, most often in the form of lab reports.

Long, technical, scientific, dry lab reports.


Fortunately, I don’t have to peruse through lab reports for the entirety of my project. This is where the second aspect of my research comes in, where I analyze the form I want to create my project around. Since I am deciding to repurpose a memoir into a satirical informational/news video, I have been able to watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and pass it off as doing research. So, I consider my¬†project topic to be exciting in that regard.

With regards to any difficulties I anticipate to face while I am researching, I currently cannot think of any that cannot be overcome. One concern could be the quality of the materials I utilize for my project, but I am not too worried about this.

Personally, I am excited to learn about creating videos. I have not had the chance in my academic career to do a video project all on my own, so figuring out how to create a video to my liking will be a challenge I look forward to facing. I believe that learning how to create videos like this will help broaden my perspective on media and writing through a creative and fun medium.

Robert Molnar

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2 thoughts to “So much reading, so little time”

  1. Robert,

    I can definitely relate to the fact that half of your research has been “fun” while the other half has been a bit more on the dry side. However, whether it’s fun or not I think both are equally as valuable, just in different ways. I am really excited to see how you’ll take the research you’re doing and apply it to your project. Just a suggestion for further research (if you haven’t had enough), you could look into effective video techniques. I know you said you haven’t really had much experience creating videos, so this might be useful for you to take a look at. I know you’re looking at models that you’re trying to mirror in your project, but perhaps if you looked up effective video-ing you may find direct step-by-steps or tips to help your project be as effective as possible.

  2. Robert,

    I’m very excited to see the final result of your project! It’s interesting that some of your research will not only include researching fodder for the content, but also for the form as well. Since you have never created a video like this, I assume you will need to do some research about video editing and different software you will need to use. My research too has been a mix of fun, informative, and also a little on the dry side. However, I think when it all comes together, this will make your project both entertaining and factually accurate!

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