This project is for you, or maybe it’s not

The idea of delving into the audience of my project is interesting. I can’t say I thought the audience of my project before I was actually asked about it. But when I really think about it, this is actually really important. Who would actually be interested to read about what I have to say? Who would think that my topic is actually valuable to discuss and who would think it’s not?  When it comes down to it, this is a pretty interesting discussion to have.

My project is on the city of Detroit and how the city is intertwined with their baseball team the Detroit Tigers. It also focuses on how these two structures shaped my current identity. In regards to audience, I originally thought that the audience would be broad: sports fans, and Detroiters. Yet, that’s not true. At it’s core, it actually is specifically baseball fans, and specifically NATIVE Detroiters. There is a difference. A sports fan may not actually care about baseball, and there are plenty of people from the metro Detroit suburbs who call themselves “Detroiters”

Next I have to think about the people who don’t fall into these categories that may still want to read it. For the most part, there are people from certain cities that truly understand the relationship that the Tigers have with Detroit because their team’s relationship is incredibly similar. Good examples include Cleveland Indians fans or Pittsburgh Pirates fans. These teams are teams that play in rustbelt cities that have suffered in similar ways that Detroit has suffered, while the teams have been consistently up and down when it comes to winning. This may also apply to fans of teams who don’t have a serious connection with their city, such as the Florida Marlins. They may want to know what it is like for a team’s identity to be tied to it’s city.

On the flip side, the audience that I am not trying to reach are people who live in cities that have stellar reputations. Even though some of these teams may consistently be bad, the city it self is not. For example, the Chicago Cubs may not be a winning team, but every fan that lives there still lives inside one of the most bustling cities in the world. Then there are people who are fans of teams that never seem to be bad, i.e. the St. Louis Cardinals. St. Louis might not be the BEST place to live in the country, but if you are a fan of this team you are used to your team constantly winning, or at least being decent.  While the winning might be part of your identity, you have never really suffered a roller coaster of emotions the way that Detroit Tigers fans have.

Now that I have a better idea of who I am actually writing for, I have a better idea of how the work will be evaluated. Here’s to hoping everything goes well!

Clarence Stone

A sports fanatic from Detroit Michigan. The moment I put a pencil to paper, I realized that writing was something that I cared about, and I can't wait to become better.

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  1. CJ, I’m really looking forward to seeing this project develop! Count me as part of your core audience — not necessarily a baseball fan, but a native Detroiter who cares a lot about the city’s ups and downs…

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