To Do: Breathe

So at the very beginning of the semester when learning about the remediation project, my first thought was that there was no way I was doing A) a video or B) a website. Well here I am midway through the semester and guess what my remediation project is going to be? You guessed it, a website! I really think this will turn out really cool. But ask me how I feel after I teach myself how to create a full website and try to execute that with some professionalism. Hopefully I can go from zero-technology expert real quick. Obviously with something this new to me I have quite a few concerns.


For starters, how in the world do I go about even starting to make my own website?? I kind of explored Wix for a little while in class the other day but found myself a bit frustrated because I couldn’t pick a design. Yes, I do know that that should probably be the least of worries at this point. But, I want it to be the most effective website it can be, and I want it to look professional for future employers. But, I guess when you’re as indecisive as I am a thing like this can take a tad longer. Crossing my fingers that once I get started it will be a domino effect and I’ll crank it all out.

Another thing I am worried about is time management. I have not really planned out how long this will take me, also incorporating some extra time for troubleshooting. I think it would be kind of ideal to make myself a timeline, and try to outline everything before doing it. This way, I can work on this piece by piece, ultimately reaching the outcome with (hopefully) less stress than if I was to procrastinate (typical me). I probably need to plan some time for some extra research and lesson plan templates as well. Might as well schedule a deep breath in there while I’m at it.

One of my biggest concerns for this specific project  is establishing authority. This topic  is so important to me as a future educator and a lot of the morals I am presenting tie in with my ultimate teaching philosophy of making every student feel welcome to be their individual selves in a safe and accepting environment. But, I think as a current teacher, I would probably question, “what does she know?” due to my lack of experience in sixth grade classrooms and with sixth graders on a day to day basis. Though I haven’t in recent times been in a sixth grade classroom, I was once there. I’ve been that awkward kid, feeling unwanted and not accepted in my own classroom. But, I’ve pushed through and here I am, wearing a red cape and hoping I can prevent this from happening to all of the sixth graders in the world! And I did do my research!! So hopefully a current teacher or perspective employer will look at my statistic inclusion as well as prevention and solution tips as intelligent and well thought out.

My last concern would be how to get this website out into the world of middle school teachers. I don’t think I want to contain this work to only my peers, because what would they do with lesson plans and activities for children (unless they are teachers of course)? Still brainstorming on this question, but I’m hoping I find some way to maybe communicate with my old middle school teachers or connect with some new ones here in Ann Arbor. We shall see.


So for now I’m very excited about this project, but maybe ask me how I feel at 2am when I’m still working on picking my website design 🙂

2 thoughts to “To Do: Breathe”

  1. I FEEL YOU, I as well am trying to create a Wix website for the first time and it ain’t pretty. You’re right, it’s a ton of trouble shooting and will take agonizingly long if you don’t make quick decisions. I don’t think you should be super concerned about your credibility; I know you are going to back up your claims with research and citations, what more could you ask for? After researching this topic and putting as much thought into it as you have, you deserve to have a voice! Also happy you are trying something outside of your comfort zone (I know it’s frightening).

    Great job 🙂

  2. I think creating a timeline is a great idea! I also struggle with time management, so I’m going to follow in your footsteps and do the same. And of course, a deep breath here and there is always necessary 🙂 With regard to authority, you bring a new and fresh perspective to the world of teaching, and that is extremely valuable. To start, your experiences as a student are much more fresh in your mind than those of most teachers. Second, a teacher’s perspective of effective teaching strategies and/or the needs of students can sometimes be altered by the fact that they’re currently in the position of teaching. One idea for how to showcase your final product could be to show it to other students in the School of Ed. Or perhaps you could give it to School of Ed administrators to use for years to come. Your project could shape the work of future teachers…how cool is that!

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