Too Many Directions

Beginning this blog post as a place to structure my thoughts on this project. I sat in the library for an hour reading random articles on genre on the Internet and re-reading assignments hoping for some inspiration. Why were we cruelly given so much free reign!?! And then I just started to type…and interestingly enough, apparently I did have ideas and all I had to do was write them down.

I originally wrote my common application essay for the eyes of university admissions officers only. I had to be extremely careful about how I phrased my opinions, tiptoeing around a controversial topic. I want to be less nervous this time around about offending the wrong person or stating an opinion that might seriously degrade my college application. Initially, I was terrified that revealing my inner ambivalences toward religion would completely jeopardize my future. I want to write with more confidence this time and exercise my ability to insert my own writer’s tone without fear of being judged (because I know judgment will happen, it just won’t have the repercussion of not getting into the college of my dreams). And I want people to weigh in!! In this new casual format, I want to ask questions that I don’t know how to answer myself and receive feedback.

I’m considering the idea of creating a survey to targeted toward the University of Michigan student population, but I still don’t know exactly what questions I would want to ask them… Also, should I just focus on characteristics of the Catholic faith in this blog post, since I will be vastly expanding that in my final re-mediation? Or should I write about my experience with my own Episcopalian church? A lot of questions on what portion of my application essay I should hone in on, but I feel much better now that I have figured out a genre and see a final product somewhere in my future.

Also, I myself am very uncertain about where I stand in regards to religion. This makes it very difficult to have a strong opinion on the matter since I don’t like judging something I feel I don’t know enough about. I’m excited to do more research on both sides of this topic and in doing so, hopefully I will be able to come to a more educated conclusion. I need to decide how I am approaching the topic in general and must to choose a side to allow for devil’s advocate and the inclusion of my own writer’s voice.

I also needed to brainstorm my final project in order to be able to envision the entire process, so this helped as a place to flesh out my thoughts. For my final re-mediation project, I want to create a website with an interactive world map allowing the viewer to jump from country to country exploring the various beliefs (I am still very much avoiding the question of how I will technologically accomplish this). I’ll then create a sort of overview of each religion channeling The Skimm’s style, with a very casual and sometimes opinionated tone. Then, I’ll bring all the religions together with a discussion about faith and its purpose to the human race. Despite the major differences composing each religion, they are all based on the same concept of faith. What is it about the human race that makes us need faith so badly?

2 thoughts to “Too Many Directions”

  1. It’s clear that you’ve already made a substantial amount of progress, so you should be very proud of yourself! It only gets better (and clearer) from here 🙂

    I love your plans for the re-mediated project. The idea of using TheSkimm as a model for your project is so clever and will add a familiar, more youthful dimension to your piece. I also think the interactive map is a great way to incorporate digital media into Major Project 2 while still informing the reader on your topic.

    Your final question about why the human race needs faith so badly is so multifaceted and profound…I don’t even know how to answer it myself! I’m excited to see what responses you come up with, and how else you challenge the reader in your re-purposed project. Great work, Emily!

  2. Emily, wow!
    It seems like you have really put a great deal of thought and passion into this already. I’m really impressed! I really like the idea of you putting out a survey to the entire University of Michigan student body in regards to religion. No matter what questions you ask, I think this would be a great source of information for you. I also think it would be cool to incorporate various religions into both projects, because it gives you a broader audience. I would definitely read something in regards to Catholicism and most likely enjoy it/feel challenged to think more about it, but, I am Orthodox so it might not resonate with me as well, you know? I LOVE your idea for your re-mediation project as well. I think this would be fascinating to see and it seems like a ton of work, but I know you will make it awesome! Good luck, though it appears you won’t need it! 🙂

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