Branching Out

Over the course of this semester I have really enjoyed working on projects that are unfamiliar to me, or working in mediums I’ve never worked in before (like iMovie).

Lately I’ve found myself thinking about how I’ve improved as a writer through the course of this semester. While I think challenging myself with new project has allowed me to push myself as a writer, and think about audience, and tone, I’ve also been wondering about word choice and style. How is that writers come to develop their own writing style?

In the first and only creative writing class I’ve ever taken, I really enjoyed the fact that we spent a lot of time reading other authors’ creative writing. From work of professionals to that of our own classmates, we really got a chance to expose ourselves stop different writing styles, and thus were able to develop styles of our own as well. I’m not entirely sure how that same idea can apply to the minor, but I think it would be beneficial to read more work that mirrors the projects we have done. For example, I know many of us did creative nonfiction projects, so it would have been nice to read some different examples of that genre before we started the project. We spend a lot of time reading about writing, but I would like to read a wider variety of authors and styles, in order to learn about developing our own personal styles.

Lauren Diamond

Lauren Diamond is a Junior at the University of Michigan and a Political Science Major.

2 thoughts to “Branching Out”

  1. I also felt like new genres typically compelled me to grow as a writer. It makes me think about the general rules within new genres, like videos or even websites, that I don’t know about. As students, at least in public school, we learn about these rules and general conventions in relation to the written word. But I’m sure they exist for other mediums. Is it within these rules that we have bad films vs good films? We do learn a lot about effectiveness in writing, and there isn’t a lot of time to learn about the effective strategies for other mediums. I wonder if it would’ve been helpful for us to have access to an archive of model sources former Writing in Minor students have used.

  2. I also wish that we would have read some more examples before beginning our projects. I did a creative nonfiction piece and I had never really written in that tone or style before so I was lost when I started my project. Although, I think that could be a little tricky. It might be hard to give examples and then make sure people aren’t just modeling their projects after one example rather than an entire genre. Overall, I feel like the minor made me think about many different aspects of writing too, like you mentioned tone and audience.

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