Conceptualizing Remediation

Podcasts have always been really appealing to me, so I’m thinking of using that as a medium. The interesting thing about podcasts is that they seem both like a new digital form, but radio, if you think of it it as its predecessor, is such a traditional form. And perhaps that’s what scares me about this form of communication, is that so many people think audio that isn’t musical is a dying form. So I feel like from the get-go, I will put a lot of mental energy into making my project, if it is a podcast, not feel boring. Also, I hate my voice on audio recordings and I could get distracted by self-presentation rather than content. Im not sure how to remedy these anxieties though, especially because I love to talk.

All the podcasts I listen to are really long, and its not that I’m hesitant to do a lot of work (smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat emoji here). I just feel like its hard to a) put a podcast together, so making it longer is even scarier, and b) things could get boring. I’ve definitely started listening to podcasts and then just stopped because I thought they too boring or not what I thought they were. So finding a good length will be difficult, but perhaps it will reveal itself. I also just kind of want to combine a lot of interviews rather than having people sit down (or I guess in the real world they like call in or something) to have annoying constructive conversation because that seems beyond the realm of possibility. But, it could be possible. Constructive conversation may not seem as inviting, but it also seems more organic. I really am unsure which route is better. I wish I had the time to to both and then choose.

In every podcast I’ve heard, everyone comes to implicit conclusions because their topics are so debatable. But I’m scared that I won’t come across that in the typical podcast-y form. So I think I almost need to so something more like This American Life where they are introducing stories, and thus can control the production. That’s why I used it as a model. Harper High School is one of my favorite episodes. It was eye-opening for me, and actually ensured me to pursue journalism. I feel like the audience is learning because they are hearing about a world they are unfamiliar with, which is how I want my listeners to feel. But hearing the kids, hearing the everyday experiences as a backdrop for the story being told makes it all feel tangible.

Hearing people’s voices can be very persuasive, at least empathetically. And that’s my larger goal with my project, a lofty one that I kind of abandoned with repurposing because I focused on game day. But it could be a goal I can feasibly accomplish if voices are included and real people are acknowledged as encountering racial tensions, both cultural and implicit, and social and explicit.

Kennedy Clark

Kennedy is a Sociology major with an ineptness for exposition and an excessive love for Michigan basketball and pretzels.

2 thoughts to “Conceptualizing Remediation”

  1. I think a podcast is a great choice for your repurposing project. Hearing someone’s voice when they’re telling a story can really connect the audience to the larger issue. I personally love This American Life, and I think that podcast does is really effective at being both informative and entertaining. I typically don’t get bored listening to those podcasts, and I really like the way they incorporate sound and music to really transport the listener into the story. I think one challenge with a podcast, is figuring out how to construct it chronologically. Which quotes will sound better where? It’s also a challenge to figure out how to keep the audience’s attention captured throughout the duration of the podcast. It seems like you’re on the right track!

  2. I think this is a great idea, too. I connect a lot better with material when I hear it being said vs reading it on paper (I often read out loud to myself and my roommates hate it). For me, a podcast is a great way to learn and I enjoy listening to them. This wouldn’t really work for your project because it sounds like you want to include visuals too but one of my favorite podcasts is Serial. I also agree that it is hard to maintain the balance of information and entertainment so it doesn’t become too boring. It’s a tough situation but I think this could be avoided if you thought about including different speakers or adding in sound effects to provide a background or break up some dialogue.

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