Drafting and Revising Your Project (AKA Super Late Post That I Completely Forgot To Do)

Alright so at this point in time, I have launched at the very least two Twitter accounts for the characters in my short story. I have been learning how to post different mediums thorough it, as well as what I can and can’t distribute through the site. There is such a thing as Twitter rules, and they are actually very interesting. (On my part the only thing thing that I really have to worry about is the possibility of offending someone and being reported by that person. The possibility of that happening through is rather low.) I have to be careful with videos as well, there may be legal boundaries that are at play. If any thing this will only impede the use of music(which I wasn’t planning on using anyway.

The account right now have only established where I left off in the story, and have yet to have any real substance added to them. I’ve been playing around with the used of re tweeting, which I haven’t really fully understood yet. I mean, at least I don’t know how I can use that to my advantage. It would only allow the accounts to be linked more closely, but other than that re-tweeting doesn’t seem to do anything. The use of this, along with the reading has got me thinking of ways I should connect the short story to the twitter accounts. I was thinking of making a simple website that will have the story, and then link the twitter account to the website, connecting the two together. I was initially thinking of posting a link in the Twitter feed, but the way that Twitter is formatted, will lead to this being a mess and nobody being able to find the link.

Looking back at the first part of the project, I can see that there needs to be a bit of change when it comes to continuity. Interestingly enough, it was the addition of the accounts that made me rethink parts if the short story.

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