Everything is going to hopefully be OK

My pet rat is pooping in the hood of my sweatshirt.

If this isn’t a allusion to what this entire semester is turning into, I hope this image provided you with a little bit of joy. Enough joy, at least, for you to get through this blog post and maybe want to hold my little hand at the end of it, because nothing is going exactly according to plan. I didn’t plan on doing this particular medium for the remediation project; I didn’t plan on having rat poop in my hood.

But that is life.

I completely undervalued the concept of a rough cut with the first time around, and it was probably because my plan was to birth this massive memoir that would eat my life but be beautiful and inspiring. Instead, what happened, was I birthed a smallish memoir that was sort of funny and sort of whiny, but I mean whatever, it’s cool- but it ate my life nonetheless and my ‘rough cut’ turned more into basic editing. With this project, I’m already working on exactly how I’m going to do each take- literally, because Ted Talks and cinematography!- and how I’m going to go about organizing them. Let me first tell you, to get this out of the way and to do away with any judgments, that my rough cut it being done tomorrow evening.

With an iPhone.

Here’s how that conversation went, featuring Roommate Extraordinaire:

Me: “Hey, I’m going this project.”

RE: “Mmhm.”

Me: “Can you help with it?”

RE: “Do I have to actually exert effort?”

Me: “No, we’ll rent a camera from the library.”

RE: “Those take like three days to process.”

Me: “Then we’ll use an iPhone.”

RE: “You need to get it together.”

So, the rough cut of that is slowly coming along, but I’m actually feeling pretty good about it!

The thing that literally keeps me up at night is the ePortfolio. I suck at two things the most in life, and those two things are:

-Technology. I have the technological gifts of cavemen and the electronic social media presence of a five-year-old hyped up on candy corn and mountain dew. Any professional post I try to make oozes sarcasm, a little at least. And every coarsely-worded, actually sarcastic post makes someone cry, usually my ex-boyfriend’s mom. Leslie didn’t get the humor, apparently. Poor Leslie.

-Aesthetic. What are color schemes, how do you format things? How do you use text boxes? IS IT STILL OK TO USE WORDART, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY.

Creating this thing is going to be a lot of work. Getting people to like it is going to be even harder. As I read through this portion of the book, my eyes keep going back to the same thing, the concept of being ready and able to receive feedback, and this is the concept I’m most excited about. My memoir was personal, and, if I could go back and do it all again, there’s no way in hell I would ever write something like that for a public audience. I wish I’d done something else- anything else! I couldn’t done a cinquain. Or a haiku. Or something. I’m just so excited to be comfortable enough with this project to have people really dig into it, and, in turn, to use what they think as my motivation to improve it!

I’m still confused on one thing, and I’m hoping that you guys can help me/not judge me because this question seems overly basic: What’s a GOOD revision plan for this project? I have some ideas written down, some funny hooks and some camera things to keep the program chugging along, but how do I go about revising something that it semi-improvised, a little bit different each time around? Should I have a concrete revision plan for the things in my talk unrelated to the content, and a separate one relating to the spoken words? Or should I meld them together?

Let me guys know if you have ideas!!!

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