I am going to be interesting and cool and hopefully have nice eyebrows until I am dead

I am going to be interesting and cool and hopefully have nice eyebrows until I am dead.

So let’s talk about egoism.

I liked Orwell’s explanation the best, and my favorite point he made was that all writers are egoists. We’re a little selfish, and a little full of ourselves. When I was a little child, my mom would get mad at me when I didn’t want to share my candy with my sister, and she’d say I was being selfish. What I wish tiny me would’ve said was, “Actually, mother, I’m developing key personality traits that will aid me in finding my voice and purpose as a writer, the writer I will grow into once I ascend and leave these Limited Too leggings behind me.”

I was a sanctimonious little shit, now that I’m looking back.

I guess, at the end of the day, I’m really scared of being remembered. I worry about a lot of things. Panicking is basically my second major. I worry that my boyfriend will leave me and I’ll get obese and I’ll die alone. I worry that I will literally fail my econ class. I worry about that freaky-weird mole on my leg and IT’S GETTING BIGGER OH MY GOD.

I write so I’ll be remembered, but also so I can remember. I hope I’m not getting weirdly personal here, but I’m scared of forgetting my life because Alzheimer’s runs in my family and I’m scared. And that’s where I’m going to tie in Sullivan’s works, his notions of creating a log, a written document to be read form the first page (the latest in the story) to the last page (where the story began). I even have a blog now! It’s really cool! I used a basic template to make it, and I’ve made like 26 cents from AdSense.

Killin’ it.

But, I like to go back and read my blog. I like to see how far I’ve come in a year as a person. I imagine going back to this Minor in Writing project and not only seeing how far I’ve come as a person, but how far I’ve come as a writer as well.


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