If Ya Snooze Ya Lose

So, as I’m sitting here drowning in the technology that might be my re-purposing project or might be my re-mediation project or maybe even my ePortfolio, I’m starting to feel extremely overwhelmed by the amount I have to do. But, oddly enough, this chapter in Writer/Designer was somewhat comforting. I kind of caught a “we’re all in this together” vibe from the discussion of peer revision and advice. It’s nice to know that my peers are more likely not breezing through this, similar to me, and struggling with the new things they are creating too. But I know with time, we will all create our own brilliant things!

For starters, I gained insight into creating the rough cut for both my re-mediation project as well as my ePortfolio. I was feeling a bit stressed having the rough cut due this Saturday, because I’m still tinkering around with technicality and am just discovering different aspects of creating a whole website. But, according to this reading, rough cuts are usually missing some significant elements, which makes me feel a lot better. I had a fear I would look stupid if I turned in something sort of half-assed as a rough cut, but now that I know as long as I get the bulk of what I want to do into the website, I did my job. But I do look forward to gathering feedback and working on the nitty gritty to make it perfect!

Another insight I gained was the importance of a timeline when creating a multi-modal project, specifically a website. I mentioned doing this before in my other blog post or a discussion (can’t exactly remember which), but this is SO crucial to this process. I really need to wrap my brain around this whole project and proceed with caution, allowing myself enough time to create this awesome thing no one has before. And awesome does not ultimately equal procrastination, so looks like a timeline it is. You know what they say, if ya snooze ya lose.


One last insight I gained in reading this chapter was the importance of making your rhetorical situation as well as your intended audience clear. Though your editors and peer revisers may not be your intended audience, they should be able to understand it as if they were your intended audience. This would allow them to also understand the rhetorical situation. Clarity is a virtue, so it better be put to good use! My project (aimed at teachers as we already know) should not only come off as awesome to teachers, but anyone who reads and browses it.

Overall, I think this chapter has really opened my eyes to patience, planning, and clarity in creating both my re-mediation website as well as my ePortfolio website (I have to make TWO websites…what?!) I can’t wait to see how all of this pans out, not only for me, but for everyone else! Can’t wait to see the coolest college work I think most of us have ever done 🙂

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  1. Nikki – You’re decision to create a timeline is inspiring, and I should take your advice. I feel overwhelmed by how much needs to get done by the end of the semester, but mapping it out could allow me to see that while this work is substantial, it’s also manageable. I also love how you’ve summed up this chapter with “patience, planning, and clarity.” I feel that those three words really encompass the main necessities for both the Major Projects and the ePortfolio. I am excited for you to create these two websites, and I am confident that you will be a PRO website designer by the end of the semester 🙂 And I agree…this is by far the coolest work I’ve ever done in college.

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