In college, making cartoons

When I was in high school, I never would have thought that I would be making cartoons in college for a project. It seemed so simplistic and silly, especially since I wanted to become a doctor. Well, here I am now, and there is only one question racing through my brain:

Who knew making a cartoon would be so difficult?

That’s right, for my remediation project, I have decided to make a cartoon of the events that transpired in my memoir. Initially, this sounds like it should be lots of fun; unless, of course, you have zero artistic talent like me. Then it becomes even more fun as you try to scour the internet of cartoon creating websites that are free. Thankfully, Bitstrips comics¬†allows me to create comics for free, so I have been investing a lot of time and energy with this website over the last few days. While Bistrips does make the task a bit more cumbersome (especially since the panel size is minuscule), it does save me the trouble of having to physically draw out the comic, ultimately making it worth the little inconveniences.

regret nothing

With regards to my mock up storyboard, there is not much that I feel needs to be explained for that. All my mock up storyboard details is the scenes I intend to cartoonize (I feel like that should be a word) from my memoir, the specific moments that I want to emphasize through the visual medium of cartoons. I will say that while I plan to cartoonize (there’s that word again) most, if not all, of my memoir, the storyboard does help me decide what moments I want to linger on and draw out in greater detail.

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  1. Robert — I think this is the perfect medium for you! Considering you did a video for you repurposing, I think that this is a nice middle ground between prose and a solely visual medium. I also think it’s very interesting how you’re going to have to choose how to illustrate sections of your memoir. Like you said: there are a lot of choices in terms of emphasis and pacing. I have a feeling your first draft is going to look a lot different from your final, which is totally fine (and also kind of the point)!

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