Looking Back

By this point, this far into the semester, my idea of writing has changed a lot since the beginning. My expectations for the class were that I would be writing everyday, cranking out papers and heavy revisions. Instead, we have been looking at writing in a broader sense than I had thought of before. Some of my expectations are being fulfilled and I’m not too upset about the ones that aren’t.

One of my biggest goals for this class was to work on my tendency toward repetition in my writing. It is one of my biggest problems, so I really thought this class would help me be more direct and effective so I wouldn’t feel the need to repeat myself. I think that working on the same/similar projects all semester has definitely helped with that. Being forced to take time to revise the same thing has shown me how much more effective my writing can be if I make that effort. Revising the repurposing project, and now the remediation project is getting me into the habit of doing the same thing with all of my writing.

Although I don’t always write every day for this class, with my broadened definition of writing, I do some type of writing every day. Mostly for other classes, which include more academic writing or note taking, but also some creative writing. I’ve been working on my imagery and figurative language in another class, and I think that is somewhat transferring into all of my writing. The papers I mostly write are for my art history major, so the increased imagery is serving that well. Trying to describe works of art in writing is one of the most difficult things I have to do, I rarely feel like I do it justice. But writing figuratively in another class is helping me better do that.

I expected to do a significant amount of writing in this class, which I don’t think we have. But the things we do in this class I can use in my more writing intensive classes. I feel like I’m building skills and habits that benefit me as a holistic writer, not just benefitting me in this class.

Shannon Vail

I am a senior Art History major who thoroughly enjoys cooking, traveling, beagles and Buffalo sports.

2 thoughts to “Looking Back”

  1. I also thought we’d be writing everyday, or at least expected to do so outside of class. Its interesting that your work with figurative language is applicable in other classes. I do think that it’s perhaps one of the most effective types. It may not be the most memorable, when it comes to things resonating, but I think it explains things on a much deeper level because it’s layered.

    When I was reading your blog post I was thinking about the ways my other classes tie into Writing 220, especially since I’m taking two upper level writing courses right now. I do agree with your sentiments on this class being about producing holistic writers. I feel like the ULWR courses are more about refining the basics of writing, whereas the minor so far is big picture.

  2. I thought that the “writing everyday” aspect you talked about would take the form of free writes in class. I think it would have been interesting to have a unit or at least a class specifically focused on writing creatively, and the sentence level tools we use do that. I also agree that the minor is focused on the broader idea of what it means to be a writer, not necessarily the technical aspect. I think working on each project for such a long period of time really forces us to revise and focus on improving our overall writing.

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