Masochistic sentimentalist?

I love Writing 220. I really do. It’s a class that I know I’ll keep in the back of my head as I continue with the minor and throughout my academic career. It has taught me to broaden my perspectives of what writing can be and let me explore a more creative, innovative style of communication.

That being said…

I miss writing big, ‘important’, tradtional papers. I know that sounds masochistic, but it’s true. Finishing a big ol’ research paper and printing it out at 2 am the night before it’s due is one of the most exhilarating feelings the in human experience (at least I think so). I kind of miss those ultra-quantifiable, cut and dry papers that are so traditional alumni from 20 years ago could show you the exact same assignment and they would look the same. Maybe I’m a stick in the mud. Maybe I’m a sentimentalist who is too attached to “old school” writing. Regardless, I wish I had to opportunity to do some good old-fashion, hardcore research and churn out some concise, clean, and effective papers. Of course, I’ll probably be ultra-stressed out and a little miserable while writing those papers, but it’s that feeling in the end that makes it worth it (right?).

Emily Cotten

Emily Cotten is a sophomore Vocal Performance major at the University of Michigan. She hails from North Carolina and enjoys reading, writing, and blasting opera hits in her car while driving down the highway.

One thought to “Masochistic sentimentalist?”

  1. Emily,
    I completely understand what you’re talking about; at least I think I do. I don’t know, I have a 12 page research paper due at the end of this week that I have not started, so I may not get the same feeling of exhilaration that you claim you get. Regardless, it does feel a little strange to not type out a gigantic essay or research paper for this class, especially considering it is a writing class. Although I guess that reflects the diverse climate that is present in Michigan, it is nevertheless a little unsettling. Even though this may seem a weird way to look at it, you could treat your Why I write assignment as a research project of sorts. Instead of the traditional academic research, you have to reflect inward and research yourself, which I’m sure can result in the creation of a many paged paper. While it is a tad different than the traditional paper, looking at the project this way might help you get that feeling you want.

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