Noveling & Growth

I think one of the forms of writing I wish I was working on is noveling. Noveling is extremely hard, but rewarding. It takes a lot of planning. You must set aside a huge chunk of time over the course of a few months/year to get it done. It’s definitely a delicate balance between burning yourself out and not having too much time between the times you work on it (or else you’ll forget what’s going on, and then just waste a bunch of time rereading and catching yourself up to what’s already happened. Of course, not that I have any personal experience with that or anything…lol).


My plan to engage in novel writing is to write a novel for my honor’s thesis. We’ll see how that goes: P It’ll take a lot of planning, collaboration, yada yada. But I’m honestly really excited for it.

On a different note, I think what I learned the most this semester is to just step out of my comfort zone and try new forms of writing. I’ve learned about new resources that can help me with my writing, and exposed myself to new forms of it. The world is so large and exciting, all I have to do is reach out and touch it. Honestly, I love the support I’ve gotten from this class. No idea is too big to achieve, no plans are too out-there. Thanks y’all: )

Minna Wybrecht

Minna's a PreMed student at the University of Michigan. She believes in three things. Milk chocolate. Ballroom dancing. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

2 thoughts to “Noveling & Growth”

  1. Hi Minna,
    Noveling is definitely a tasking process, but generally seems like (for the people that put their all into it) that it really pays off. My best friend’s dad wrote a couple of New York Times Best Selling Novels (please be cooler, I know) and he was an amazing man and writer who really threw himself into his work and gave it his all. It seemed to pay off considering a lot of his books were on the best sellers list! I think the fact that you want to write a novel is really awesome. If you keep the attitude that you have now, about being able to do anything as long as you really pursue it full-force, I have no doubt that, while it will no doubt be hard work, you could end up writing something really awesome.

  2. Hey Minna,

    Wow, I wish I had the kind of faith to write my honor’s thesis as a novel rather than a dissertation on corruption in small island developing states or whatever objectively boring topic I come up with. I can only imagine that the work you’ll have to put into it will be worth it when you have a real product to show for it, something you can be proud of (and maybe even make some money off of it!). And I’m sure that some of the takeaways you’ve learned from this class will absolutely help you in that process. Good luck with that, and I can’t wait to see your progress/final product!

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