This remediating proposal really snuck up on me. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do for it while I was still in the middle of my repurposing.

“A podcast,” I thought. “That’ll be perfect.”

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My brain has been very chatty this semester and I think it’s in large part due to this course. I find myself constantly thinking about my topic on stress and success at elite universities and pretty much changing my mind every single day on how I feel about it. This has posed a huge problem in deciding what I want to do for my remediation project.

Now that I’m digging deep into the nuts and bolts of the remediating project, I’m starting to realize that given my topic and the audience I want to go after, perhaps a podcast isn’t the appropriate medium for communicating my ideas. From what I discovered from the repurposing project, my remediation will likely be evolving from the day I turn in my proposal to the final class of the semester (maybe even beyond that!). Along those lines, I’m starting to become okay with not knowing exactly how my project is going to end up. I guess the mystery is part of the excitement of writing.

With all of that ambiguity being said, I am leaning towards doing a TED talk-esque project. I want to be able to present my project myself with my voice and my image. The two models for my source come from TED Talks that I have previously seen both during college and in my job.

The first model is How to find work you love presented by Scott Dinsmore. This topic coincides with mine to some degree, and includes a CTA (call to action) for the audience to get out there and do what they love. I want to include this same sort of emotional appeal in my remediation project because I feel that appealing to emotion is what separates a great TED talk from a mediocre one.

The second model is Your body language shapes who you are presented by Amy Cuddy. This is my favorite TED talk of all time because Amy incorporates personal experience so seamlessly with the science behind communicating power through body language. An aspect I chose not to include in my repurposing project was my own personal experience, and I definitely want to include this aspect in my remediation project. My main goal will be to have the reader see me as a human they can relate to in 21 minutes, just as Amy does, despite the fact they will be looking at me through a computer screen.

Through writing this blog post I feel way better about my remediation process than I did yesterday. I think my main challenge will be to get my ideas down on paper for the proposal and then I’ll just take the rest of the process day by day. This will definitely be the most exciting and challenging project yet, so I’m looking forward to taking you all on this journey with me!

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Caroline Rafferty

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2 thoughts to “reMEDIAting”

  1. Hi Caroline! It’s funny, because I’m also considering podcasts/videos. I haven’t decided on what I want just yet, but I like how your idea has already evolved from a basic podcast to a Ted Talk-styled video. I’m sure it would be great to get that kind of experience in front of a camera and I like where your ideas are leading you. I’m glad that you brought to light that these projects seem to change day-to-day, because my thoughts are constantly jumping around too.

  2. Hey Caroline,

    Well, first of all, I’m glad you’re starting to feel better about the project as you write out your thoughts. I have had the same experience thus far; as I write it out and think about what I want to do and what the purpose will be, I start to better visualize how I can do it, which is a nice big deep breath.. mentally. A TED talk is a pretty big production, and so reading your thoughts, I wonder how you plan on putting together this type of video. I think it is really interesting! But as a viewer, I am curious – have you thought about how you will frame your talk, so that it does not seem random, like a person talking on a stage to no one! You will no doubt have some great ideas, and I think the way in which you choose to frame the context of your talk will be helpful for your project as a whole, as it is digested by the viewer.

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