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So my first model for my remediation project is a documentary surrounding the stigma within Ross and specifically the recruiting process within Ross. I plan on making the documentary around 3 minutes in order to maintain attention from my targeted audience, which is business students across the country, their educators, and their future employers. I think for this to be received by that audience it has to be extremely high-quality, professional, and relatively short. I would interview the same students from my article plus a few more, including educators and diverse students, with questions regarding their view on gender biases and other biases within Ross and their personal experiences within recruiting. The setting for the interviews would be a mix of in-class setting and interview-style setting.

However, my second model is something a bit less professional that caters to the social media world. It would be a 90 second snap story-style intended for business students primarily but in the hope that it would be shared enough that it would reach a broader audience. I would probably interview only students for this video and have the questions asked in a more student life/fun setting, if that makes sense.

For a long time my friends and I have joked about a video interviewing Ross students asking “What does business casual mean to you?” so I think a title along those lines would help draw in people on a less serious level to deliver a serious message.

I think I am leaning toward the first model because it aligns with my repurposed article in the Wall Street Journal and caters to this audience more directly. However, I’d love to hear thoughts on both models from my peers.

Anna Prenzler

Anna is a senior studying business with a minor in writing at the University of Michigan. She believes you can never sing or laugh enough, and you must write things down for two reasons - to remember what happens in your life and to feel something.

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  1. I really like your title. I am not in Ross, but I can understand how stressful and intense the stigma of Ross recruiting is. From what is sounds like, these two models will be very beneficial to your remediation. I agree that in order to be received by the audience it does have to be short. I think it would be effective to interview the same people. It will be interesting to see how you use the same information in a different medium!

  2. Hi Anna,
    After speaking with you in class regarding your project model on the recruiting process within Ross, I feel that the 3 minute documentary sounds like an absolute winner for your remediation project topic! The interview process itself should really shine, given the fact that future employers can get a better glimpse of what business students across the country go through, in such a strongly competitive sort of environment towards employment. Keeping things less serious overall should keep audiences drawn in, and I would not be afraid to expand past your 3 minute goal, even to 4 or 5 minutes, if you can work to keep the interviews short and good-humored!

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