Research Through Making: Time Lapse Edition

Just as every other media and digital related project I have attempted to carry out, this project has proven to be much more difficult than I initially thought.  I have found that the DSLR camera that I actually own does not have a time lapse feature on it.  In fact, you need to connect a digital remote to the camera itself in order to take incremented time lapse photos.  With that, I have found that the software I initially intended to use doesn’t transition through photos like I hoped it would and my mac’s “protection wall” doesn’t all for me to download alternative, slightly less credited programs.

However, I have already started my trouble shooting process, so these steps backwards in my project have somewhat become steps in a forward direction.  I have decided that I will cave and rent a camera and automatic time-interval remote and I will be compiling the taken photos in iMovie on one of the schools Apple desktops (as my laptop cannot handle the addition of another however-many hundreds of photos).  At that, I will be making a trip into the LSA media center in the MLB building early this week to test rent a camera and practice making a time lapse film of the front yard of my campus house, or maybe even the 3rd floor of the art architecture building.  I will run a quick moc-up with this camera so when the time comes and I have an actual photo sequence that is usable for my remediation project, it will only take a couple of hours to compile the information into the iMovie program, adjust the settings, and have a completed film.  I will be using the schools resources for much more of this project than I originally thought I would need to, but that is a good thing!

photo of childs chalkboard drawings that exemplify exploration through creation

As well, I have been hard at work to find a location to make this time lapse film happen.  I have a bit of a time crunch, as at the end of this week, a new exhibition will be set up in the East Liberty Annex which is where I had originally planned to take the video.  I am in contact with a professor who has two chalkboards that I intend to use for the project and they are conveniently already located at the East Liberty Annex.  Her name is Anya Sirota, and I worked with her last year on her O.N.E Mile Detroit art and architecture instillation project.  She used these chalkboards as her presentation boards when she was making parts of her project public during Taubman college’s “Research Through Making” exhibition.  I, again sometime early this week, will be making my way down to the annex to see if the boards and the space itself fits my vision.  If not, then on to the next plan.

For now though, I’ve added a mock-up flipgram that I created using photos that I took of my dog after she went swimming in the rive by my house a couple years ago.  Just dipping my toes into the  possibilities of my projects potential by exploring different media programs so I can make an educated decision on what is easy to use and most aesthetically pleasing in accordance to my vision.



Caroline Petersen

Caroline is a contributing writer to the Sweetland Minor in Writing Blog. She is an architect in training and spends a lot of her time sipping on cappuccinos and discussing elements of malfunctioning building features. She is a city girl who spent her elementary summers in the middle of Iowa at her aunt and uncles farm. She is a woman of many (unusual) facets that are traditionally fairly useless.

2 thoughts to “Research Through Making: Time Lapse Edition”

  1. Caroline, it sounds like testing the waters saved you a lot of time down the road, just as you anticipated in your previous blog post. I also tried to avoid renting equipment, and ended up getting ahold of my moms video camera to take my footage. As these logistical details slowly get taken sorted out, the end goal becomes even more clear. Hopefully everything will work out with the chalk boards in the annex and you will be well on your way. Good luck!

  2. Yeah, it’s definitely for the best you found out these tech limitations ahead of time. Sounds like you’ve planned pretty well for these discrepancies and any future ones you might have, that’s always good.
    Great vid, btw, your dog is very cute. It kind of reminds of me of those types of convenience store security footage/cctv type videos.

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