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  1. Emily’s Site:

    she will be linking to her other page for the project. I like this and the way it was done however it needs to be more explicity said that the viewer should click that photo.
    i like the page layout of the capstone very much because its more minimal but i do think it is clashing with the content material.
    We also talked about the color scheme and how the grey no grey is hard to see. The menu buttons are also offset and we suggested making them centered.
    Try to find a more unified theme or vision for the connection between the two pages.


  2. I think it would be really cool if everyone wanted to add there URL links here.. It would be easier to ask questions and look at each others for examples/ideas.

    Here’s mine:


  3. Miriam–
    For your passport picture, could you create a “sub page” to your home page and then have the image pop up. Then you would be able to link the picture to a different picture? I am not too sure if that would fully work for you but a different idea to try out.

    1. Erica– I agree with CJ. I definitely think you need to add some “splash” on to each of your pages. I think adding a subtle hint of color will continue to engage your readers or else all the text would be too consuming for the reader.

  4. Anisha’s Wesbite

    So far, I really like what this capstone project design looks like. Obviously, you are going to try to get the projects to go in order. I know that you are going to figure this out.

    In regards to ways that you can change things up, Ray is right. Having something to separate the text from the photos could be a very good choice. A block quote will not only allow for this, but it will also give your reader a sample of what to look for in the post.

    Beyond that, I really like the structure of this project. And since it is a data driven project, I would suggest making e-portfolio as fun as you can possibly make it. Add color, add music, add things that you think fit your personality. Either way you have gotten a great start.

  5. Hallie,

    I certainly like the collage for the home page of the blog. I am not sure if I think you should keep it on every page, though. I also am thinking that your title and menu should be centered. I agree with Ray that you could change the font; is there a font that is commonly used in publications (maybe Garamond?).

    A great start overall!

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