Sorry 4 the Wait 2

Well, I’ve run out of snappy Kanye quotes to excuse my second late blog post, so instead I’ll have to settle for Lil Wayne: “I’m soooooo sorry, so soooooorry. Ooh! This this that Sorry 4 the Wait 2.” And then, I’ll follow that up with the classic running-late excuse: traffic (and by that I mean the travel complications that are consequences of the inevitable traffic in the 700 mile trek from Ann Arbor, MI to Woodstock, VT, and then the familial responsibilities that come with the fourth Thursday of November each year). But, alas I am finally here and able to submit this post, and thankfully so, because I just can’t imagine this blog without one of my posts to lighten the mood. In the words of Mr. West, “My presence is a present, kiss my […]” …well, I’m gonna cut that one off there, but I knew I could snake a Kanye quote in here. Seriously though, my apologies to anyone to whom the lateness of this blog post caused any inconvenience.

Had I been asked what kind of writing needed the most focus this time last year, my answer would’ve without a doubt been either professional or academic writing, two fields that I for the longest time struggled with, the latter due to lack of exposure, and the former because frankly I’d no idea what professionalism is. However, due to a class in professional writing last semester and an over-exposure to academic writing through my major that forced me off my ass regarding that discipline, I’ve suddenly become semi-proficient in what I would’ve formerly identified as my weakest points in writing, while falling out of practice in what I thought was my strongest point: writing for fun.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t enjoy the writing I do through this course, or through any other. But, as with reading, there’s just a divide in my motivations between when I pick up a pen and paper because I want to and when I do it for a deadline, and despite the fact that the machinations within the two are virtually the same, there’s some elusive element missing from the latter. And with reading, the over-prominence of being forced to do it on a schedule has, with rare exceptions, disillusioned me from the practice of reading almost entirely, something from which I used to draw immense amounts of solace and pleasure.

Through my posts here, I think I’ve made it quite clear that I draw similar things from writing, so I will just state plainly that I would be crushed if I lost interest in writing on my own time the way I have with reading. And while it would be easy to blame the internet age for the lack of importance most people assign to casual reading and writing nowadays, I rather blame the dearth in downtime that I have as a college student, and the amount of energy that has drained from me by the time I have any. Do I spend my week-day evenings curled up in bed half-conscious while Netflix beams episode after non-stop episode of [insert show of the week] into my skull? Absolutely. But it’s honestly not because I want to, or even because I draw much enjoyment from that. It’s simply because I don’t have the energy to engage with anything else, not reading, or making music, or even video games, let alone writing.

College education is important. But we all know it takes a lot out of you. The struggle is to make sure that it’s not taking the really important things out of you – your energies, your passions. It’s this delicate balance that I’m working on the most recently, and unfortunately have yet to find it. But I have faith that one of these days life will slow down and I’ll get a chance again to write because I want to, not because I have to.

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  1. Hi Chad,
    Fortunately for the both of us, your late blog post didn’t cause anyone any harm, as our commentary is due for Sunday afternoon, rather than the usual Thursday. Anyway, that being said, I think you definitely bring up a good point about losing time and energy for passions amongst the usual bustle and tiring requirements of our collegiate lives. Especially because, although writing can be fun, it definitely takes some brain and will power to draft any sort of coherent sentence. It’s definitely not mindless like Netflix, and although it can be cathartic, it definitely takes brainpower. Hopefully, you’ll remember how much you do like writing for fun and when you do have the time, I’m sure you’ll do it more often than you are now, because like you said you’ll want to- not need to.

  2. I can totally relate to feeling like school’s sapped the energy out of me. But ironically, I’m actually the most productive when I’m under pressure. Under situations where I have one million deadlines, I often find myself thinking that I’d rather be doing this, and rather be doing that. Sometimes those things are working on a painting, or cleaning my room, or working on short stories. Funny enough, as soon as I’ve submitted my huge projects or finished my great big exam, I just feel like lying down and doing nothing and stare into space. Of course that’s not the healthiest thing in the world. Lately, I’ve been trying to work on time management, and utilizing that motivation I feel when I’m under pressure to do what I have to do (study for tests, etc), but also do the great things in life I’m here to do.

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