Look at the listeners body language and expression.

Have you ever thought about what it means to be a raconteur? I have not, until I began interviewing for my capstone project. Storytelling is truly an art. It isnt just knowing how to read or how to embellish words on a page, but rather it is a much more flavorful experience. Storytelling is the ability to relay an event or series of events in a tasteful, trustworthy and genuine manner. It is the ability to transport ones feelings to another place that renders listeners/readers vulnerable to a different reality. It allows the listener/reader to have a look into your imagination and relive that which has already been experienced.

Skillful storytelling is a learned trait for some and for others they are born with the gift. All storytellers however, must practice. In preparation for my projects final stages I am practing my story telling skill in order to complete my capstone both through written achievement as well as experiential growth of other mediums. More on this later.

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  1. Hi Ayana,

    I’m so glad that you’re addressing what it means to be a good storyteller. Some people, would assume that if you know how to read, you can read a story aloud. But as you know, being a storyteller requires so much more than that. Since you have adapted your project to be one that you first write, and then one that you read aloud, I am pleased to see that you are placing real thought on the skills necessary to execute this well.

    While some of our classmates are mastering photoshop and podcasts, I think that storytelling is a fascinating skill to master. I think it is a skill that will prove useful in more areas than you would initially imagine, and it requires no technology, just your presence. Being able to convey information in a way that captures your audience and brings them into the reality that you create, can be used to accomplish many things.

    I’m excited to track your process of developing this skill, hear about the various approaches that you take, and of course, can’t wait to see the final product. Best of luck!!


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