The First Eportfolio Thoughts

So, onward and upward to the elusive realm of the ePortfolio. I think it works out well that my ePortfolio will basically be a grander version of my remediation—it gives me some time to work out the website kinds before I have to begin all over again. This chapter lays out quite nicely the timeline of events that need to happen in order to create a good ePortfolio. However, it’s slightly intimidating in that it lists all these conventions I might include (the multi-media assets of graphics, audio and video, digital photos) but gives no insight into the inspiration of getting them in the first place! Not that that’s its job… I know that the inclusion of at least some of those assets will make a huge difference in the readability and interactivity of my site; I just need to hit on some inspiration regarding how I want my argument and theme in my ePortfolio to be conveyed. Visual representation is key to giving the audience an idea of what you expect them to find and how you expect them to view your product. It’s much like marketing; you are creating a brand for yourself made up of rhetoric and snippets of multi-media, and it is up to you what that brand conveys to others. Slightly scary, very exciting. My favorite part is that we have the revision process there for a reason; I have Mel and Nikki to stop me before anything goes horribly wrong! Lovely.

Through some of the questions towards the end, the chapter also made me think on how I am going to convey the overall purpose of my portfolio. Will it be to provide a little snapshot of myself as a person? Will I choose a different theme entirely? And then, what kind of style would I use to properly portray my theme? I feel that theme has to relate to overall purpose somehow, so what am I trying to get across to my audience? This chapter did make me realize that I have a variety of steps to get through before the final product and much room for trial and error. I’m pretty astounded they laid this project out so specifically, also. But as I mentioned above, as specific as it is it is also vague in the sense that I really wish they would provide a concrete example that was relevant to me. But then again, that’s why we have the prior student sample ePortfolios! I’m definitely going to have to do some exploring there to collect my thoughts and figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’m super excited to put something like this online—as a result of these two projects, maybe I’ll finally be classified in the realm of semi-technologically competent.

2 thoughts to “The First Eportfolio Thoughts”

  1. So I’m sitting here giggling at your post because I feel so similarly on the technological aspect of things. As scary as it sounds to create not just one, but TWO websites this semester for our remediation projects and ePortfolios, I think it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Though it will be a ton of work, we will indeed be veterans in the nitty gritty when it comes to creating our ePortfolio. As for your remediation, I think you have a good start! I know you were a little nervous and unsure of what you were doing in class, but I think you will definitely work it out. You have all the materials you need, you just need to put it all together in a way that is satisfying to you. To us, any way you do it will be brilliant! Best of luck in your first draft 🙂

  2. Emily – I’m also looking for some inspiration to help me determine the theme of my ePortfolio. But the clock is ticking, so maybe I shouldn’t wait around for inspiration to fall on my lap, but rather seek it out. I’ve never thought about the ePortfolio as a marketing-like medium, but when you put it that way, it makes perfect sense! I’m taking a marketing course this semester, so maybe I could use some of what I’ve learned in that course to help me with my ePortfolio… And yes, you do have me and Nikki to stop you before anything goes terribly wrong, but I can assure you that that won’t be necessary 🙂 I think looking at prior students’ ePortfolios (other than the ones we’ve already seen) is a great idea, and I will definitely follow in your lead.

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