Thoughts on Remediation

I am between a few ideas for my remediation project. Since my argument in my repurposing argument was fairly political, one of the ideas is to make a series of political cartoons. If I went forward with that idea, I’d run into a few problems. The first problem is I can’t draw very well. I would need to take a lot of time on the drawings or ask a more creative friend to help me out. Another problem would be how many cartoons to make for the project. I think the text of the cartoons would need to be concise to be effective, so I would need to do multiple cartoons to create an overall effective argument. As for a model for this option, I really enjoy The Far Side cartoons. They are simple and punchy and I loved reading them when I was younger. The Far Side

Another idea I had is to do a video. I could take this in a few directions. I could make a video from the point of view of the victim of an unfair dress code, making a personal call to action. Or I could interview multiple people and get their opinions on the effects of dress codes. Both of those sound kind of boring to me, but could be effective. I was also thinking of taking a lighter approach, making a video where I meet with people, read them stories of real or fake conversations between school administrations and dress code violators, then have the interviewee guess if it was real or fake. This would try and make some of the real reasons given by administrations laughable, showing how ridiculous they are. The trouble I have with this idea is that I’m not sure if that would detract from the importance of my argument. I would have to be careful that it makes enough fun of the reasons so that the reasons seem ridiculous, but not so much that the issue isn’t taken seriously. I don’t have a model for this idea because there are so many directions I could go.

Overall, I definitely have a lot to consider. I need to evaluate my argument again to decide the best direction to take it next. I am going to need some creative help regardless of what medium I choose, as I don’t know how to make either.

Shannon Vail

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  1. The fact that you’re even thinking about doing a cartoon is just beyond me. I think its easy to think about a video being effective. It may be easier for you narrow what kind of tone you want to convey. I also think its interesting, considering I’m still rather unfamiliar with you project, that you focus on the dress code rather than its effects. I’m guessing you addressed this in your repurposing though.

    You could do something rather anthropological if you do something visual. We can’t post photographs so I can’t give you a good example, but a lot of anthropological texts make the familiar strange, and I think that’s a potential space for the critique of dress codes. But cartoons are really ambitious and would be so cool!

  2. Drawing a political cartoon would definitely be challenging, but also really rewarding! I wonder if there are software sites in which you could design a cartoon without having to be artistically talented. You could also just use clip art that you strategically put in certain places. That way, you’re still directing the images but you don’t have to directly draw them. Both of those options could be something to look into if drawing makes you . I think political cartoons are an interesting medium because through satire, the audience is able to see how ridiculous a certain policy or issue is. Satire is one of my all time favorite mediums to express political issues, and you could perhaps look at some of the New Yorker cartoons as inspiration.

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