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Something I definitely find different from the view of Orwell is that I did not know I was going to be a writer form an early age. If you asked “sophomore in high school me” if I would be minoring in writing four years later I would have told you were crazy. Writing was never something I found fun. I enjoyed it more so than math, therefore it was bearable. I know that all sounds really harsh, but it is true in the sense that I always felt smothered by academic writing. The English and writing classes that I have experienced in college have given me the chance to explore new types or writing that are not as constraining.

At this point, I feel as though I have learned how to write in my own voice. For as long as I remember I would always try to write like the amazing writers I read. Copying their sentence, structure tone, and ideas. It worked for them so I tried to make that work for me. Since then, I have learned that it is okay do do something different and to say something different. uber cliché I know, but it is true. I never would have imagined that this whole class would revolve around my trip to London. Learning how to express the journey on different platforms and through different mediums has been a skill that I will be able to transfer to all areas of my academics.

At this point this class has also forced me to get more familiar with certain technologies. I mean I am creating an iBook; I would have never guessed that when I embarked on the writing minor that would be possibility. Sullivan expresses his thoughts on writing in a blog as “to blog is therefore to let go of your writing in a way, to hold it at arm’s length, open it to scrutiny, allow it to float in the ether for a while, and to let others, as Montaigne did, pivot you toward relative truth.” I did not relate to Sullivan this past summer when I was writing the original source for my repurposing project nor did I really care. However, now I feel like I can relate more to what these writers are expressing in their thoughts of development as writers.

Allison Skaggs

Hello all! My name is Allison Skaggs and I am a junior at Michigan. I am from Orange County, California and decided to come to Michigan for a different kind of college experience! Currently, I am on the women's varsity water polo team and plan on majoring in Sport Management. Some things I enjoy during my time off are reading, swimming, attending sports games, and spending time with friends and family.

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  1. Hi Allison,

    With regard to the steps I’ve taken, and the ways I’ve been challenged in my own writing, I absolutely could not agree with you more that the various English and Writing courses I’ve experienced have been pleasantly limited in their constraints on creativity. The very fact that you are creating an iBook within our current semester’s work load suggests that our University opens the doors for limitless opportunities in our academic endeavors! This being said, often times the challenge in trying something new can be far more rewarding a process than the enjoyment we receive in doing something we already know and love. And that’s mostly why I feel that English and Writing courses at Michigan have allowed me to explore new ways of developing and delivering the arguments I am most passionate about as a young man. Like you made swift note of, academic writing within the high school scene was both daunting and unforgiving at times, but Michigan’s academic programs have allowed us this opportunity to find a new, less sought after road on this journey.
    All of this being said, I very much enjoyed reading your post Allison, you did a fantastic job!



  2. That’s so interesting that you have grown to enjoy writing as a college student. I am different in that I always have loved writing but I think your “bearable” opinion of writing in high school transforming into a love now brings a fresh perspective to the writing world. It’s kind of like you bring less previous biases and beliefs into the world of writing because you weren’t as passionate about it then, which I think probably makes your writing better and less constrained, like you said. I’m very excited to see your finished iBook!

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