Writer’s Block

As a last semester senior, I rewarded myself with a nice, long week off for Thanksgiving. With this lovely vacation, I promised myself that I would write immense amounts for my capstone project. However, I had reached a point in my writing where I was absolutely, completely, totally stuck.

Every time I opened up that word doc, hoping that a fresh day and a fresh perspective would suddenly bring about free-flowing thoughts and words, I was still stuck. After multiple failed attempts, I simply decided to skip over that area and jump to the next section of my project.

That worked. I was able to do a lot of writing on the next part and was happy with what I produced. I was sure that after completing that section, I would be able to go back to the previous one and beat that writer’s block once and for all.

But nope.

So… HELP! What do you guys do when you’re stuck? How do you become unstuck? What do you do when the idea of writing what you need to write immediately makes you exhausted and unmotivated?

One thought to “Writer’s Block”

  1. Personally, I usually like to take a break. I think after I’ve experienced the first 15 minutes or so of writer’s block, trying to persevere through it is just a waste of time. In theory this is an easy thing to do, but in practice I usually just struggle and end up wasting a lot of time. Over break I went to the library to grind through some of this project and I ended up basically doing nothing for 4 hours because I had some serious writer’s block combined with an irrational stubbornness to try something else instead. But yeah, in theory I think taking a break to do something non-writing related is usually best

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