Writer’s (or producer’s?) block

Sometimes, going against the norm is not good, it can just create problems

I feel that my situation for the remediating project is different than most, and as a result, I am not sure as what I am going to do. Most people’s repurposing project involved transforming an essay they wrote into another form of written genre. So, for this project, they have a wide variety of non-written mediums to utilize.

For me, the situation is reversed; I repurposed a memoir I wrote into a video already, one similar to The Daily Show or Last Week TonightNow, I am not sure as to what medium I want to remediate this project into. I cannot think of a non-written medium that has a similar audience to the target audience of my repurposing video (generally curious young adults who want to learn things from a different and unique perspective). For me, some options that have crossed my mind is a podcast and an article similar to The Onion.

However, one possibility that I have been mulling over considerably is creating an animated cartoon of sorts, like Futurama or South Park. While this is still a video, the genre and style is vastly different from programs like The Daily Show. Instead of acting like a news reporter and directly giving information to my audience with a satirical twist, an animated show would involve me creating a story of sorts, one that has a plot where I could tie in the information I gave in the repurposing project. The reason why I am suggesting this is because of my target audience; while the audience would be less inquisitive about certain topics, they would still appreciate the humor that is presented. This would most certainly be reflected in the material; I would be less informative and more comedic if I decided to remediate my video into this type of show. Nevertheless, I could still include some informative elements into this type of show, which is why I have strongly considered this possibility.

south park

However, I am still in debate as to what I want to do for my remediation. Since my target audience for the repurposing project was so specific, I am still exploring other forms of media perfectly encapsulates my target audience.

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3 thoughts to “Writer’s (or producer’s?) block”

  1. Hi Robert!

    Although I am a capstone student, your gateway post caught my attention immediately. Frankly, as a gateway student, I remember experiencing a ton of blocks in my writing. I noticed throughout the course, however, that smoothing those blocks, and coming up with creative solutions in writing, is where I learned the most.
    I think the fact that your repurposing project took such a different path than most projects do is a strong suit, rather than a weakness or something to be afraid of. In retrospect, my repurposing project falls into the category of those who transformed text into a different genre (in my case, a website). I think that the fact that your project is so different is what will make it so successful.

    I believe remediating your projected into an animated cartoon will be a successful approach. In my opinion, cartoons hold a comedic and expressive nature, one that will appeal to your target audience: “young adults who want to learn things from a different and unique perspective.” I sensed hesitation in your voice when you wrote that a cartoon still falls within the “video” category of mediums. One suggestion I have is to make a cartoon as if it were a book, rather than a video. What if you remediated your memoir into a comic book, retelling your story mainly though images, pictures and text (rather than through audiovisual writing)?
    I also think the idea of a podcast would be very successful. You could tell your story in any voice or tone that you choose: an inquisitive voice, an academic voice, a creative voice, or even a comedic voice. This will allow you to take a personal and creative spin on your original story.

    Good luck with whatever you choose! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  2. Robert —
    Like I said in class, you’re in a singular situation as far as this project goes. I think your focus on the content of your piece: satire to story, is a good way to start the brainstorming process. Maybe ask yourself if you’re going to be able to hit all the same points in your Remediation project that you did in the Repurposing? What aspects will you have to omit, and is there anything that a narrative will allow you to do that a new-esque genre could not? I am excited to see what you come up with! Also, I would maybe check to see if there are any resources available at STAMPS (The Art School) for your animation ambitions. I know they occasionally hold workshops for non-majors!

  3. Hey Robert,
    Being in the exact same boat, it’s interesting to see how we are both handling this issue. I felt lost when trying to consider what to remediate my video into, and spent a lot of time in the Sweetland archive researching what past students had done in order to gain some inspiration. I think you’re on the right track with an animated video or even a series of comic strips can work to. While doing some research into the projects of past students, I found that many utilized bitstrips to design characters and make their personal comic panels. Here is a link to one girls project.
    Animation is super tough. I hope this comic strip idea helps!

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