Writing, and lots of it.

I’m mostly satisfied with the writing I’ve done this semester. Between the gateway course and my history classes, I get to write about a range of topics in a range of ways.

The only thing I would like to work further with, I think, would be developing a solid academic thesis. I feel a little ridiculous wanting to get into it at this stage in academic writing because we went over it so, so often in high school. My history teacher back then was very rigorous on making sure we had good theses. Now, however, I’m feeling very out of practice.

I wrote this embarrassing essay a few weeks ago for my amcult class that was so structurally weak. I’m blushing just thinking about it.
The biggest issue with it was my thesis being too broad and too unrelated to the prompt.

animeUltimately though, I’d like to work a bit more on developing the ideas from my vignettes into more of a story format. Or, just writing more of them to explore the ideas from my world building. Writing those were without a doubt the most satisfied I’ve been with my writing in a while. That being said, I don’t mean to say that they were perfect in every way–I’m just really happy I finally wrote something about that world. I’d been working on it for, well, years to be completely technical, but the last time I wrote anything substantial was years ago before all of the countless world revisions I’ve gone through.

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  1. Emily, in some strange way, I agree with you; I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at a more traditional academic essay sometime soon, either. My deviance from the traditional thesis-based essay this semester has definitely allowed me to broaden myself as a writer, and continue to improve my command over the “nuts and bolts” of writing. However, I am interested in returning to a more traditional essay soon in order to then compare it to an older essay and note any improvements. For this reason, I might end up writing a more traditional essay for my Why I Write piece.
    I am glad you have gotten the chance to finally complete the vignettes you have been planning for so long, and I hope you have a chance to continue this work in the near future.

  2. Hey Emily!
    Sorry that I am catching up with you so late on this post. Thanksgiving (and some turkey tryptophan) has the tendency to get ya behind if you’re not careful with things.
    I think it is super interesting that you are taking such a liking to the writings we do for history class. I sometimes get in the habit of treating those prompts as test practice rather than the formal academic essays that they should become. I am glad to hear that you’ve found a solid connection between your apparent passions for architecture and writing, though, as this was one of my motives for applying to the minor around this time of last year.
    I agree with you on the importance of a thesis in writing a good, hearty essay. I struggled with picking to broad of theses all throughout high school and finally realized what a good thesis looks like once I got to college. Unfortunately, I think we sometimes have to ride a thesis out for a while until we realize it is not all that great of a thesis. Patience is key at that point.
    Looking forward to catching up more with ya on Tuesday.
    Until then!-Caroline

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