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I remember when I first started this course I imagined I’d be up late writing lots of long essays and analyzing academic articles. Well this wasn’t true at at all. So far in this course I’ve just been analyzing myself. I could have chosen long essays to write, just like for every other class, but sticking to the familiar wouldn’t help me get everything I could out of this course.

Instead of essays I chose alternate forms of rhetoric, digital rhetoric, such as informative videos and web pages. I learned how to expand my ideas past pen on paper and transition toward more contemporary platforms. The world of writing is expanding fast and its so important that this course teaches writers how to capitalize on that. Just like Joan Didion, I write to peddle my message, to have the ideas in my head be served to a wider audience, whatever the medium. It is important to me that my writing reflects how I think and feel about the world around me. After all, writing is conveying one’s world to another.

By this point in the semester, after finishing my repurposing project and beginning on another, I’ve found my writing becoming more and more fearless. I feel like in the past I’ve been hesitant to express what I really wanted to say, afraid of displeasing some invisible writing overlord. But now for whatever reasons, probably personal growth, I care less about comments and more about being true to the message I want to express. I’m really proud of myself for becoming more bold, since it can’t be my best writing if the vision isn’t authentic.

Rachel Hutchings

Los Angeles born, Ann Arbor raised. I'm a film student at the University of Michigan and an ardent music junkie on the side. I'm sure you'll catch me at local gigs around town.

2 thoughts to “Writing Expanded”

  1. Rachel,
    I completely agree with you on how I thought this class would mainly be revolved around writing intricate and complexing essays; after all, it is a writing class. Regardless, I am glad that you have decided to try your hand at a variety of rhetoric forms and mediums; exploring these unknown aspects of writing will certainly help broaden one’s perception of the craft and in turn will improve one’s writing. I am also as equally happy that you are now fearless about writing, how you are starting to realize that your own personal satisfaction about a piece is what truly is important for a writer. I know that I often am hesitant about what I write, and you are right; it ultimately serves as nothing more but an obstacle. Yet, through this course, this was an obstacle that we both were able to overcome.

  2. Rachel — I know I was also expecting the class to be something like an essay a week with lots of hardcore analysis. I’m, in a weird way, a little disappointed that it wasn’t, but I still feel as though I was challenged. I know you’re a SAC major, so I’m not surprised that you also identified with Didion’s imaged based style of writing. I think you in particular had a lot to gain from the emphasis of multi-modal texts in this class (I also think you carried out your objectives for those multi-modal texts quite well!).
    I think the notion of boldness and fearlessness in writing is so important! As student writers, it isn’t helpful to be reticent. There are no expectations of us! It’s okay to make mistakes, so make them big! I’m glad that you feel you’ve achieved that type of attitude this semester.

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