Advice For Newbsss

My first and major piece of advice for future homies within the Minor in Writing is to take advantage of how open ended the assignments are! Taking advantage and at the same time being grateful for the repurposing and remediation projects (because this doesn’t come around so often). This kind’ve manifests itself in a couple ways for me, and I’m assuming it will for you too:

ONE. You can do what you want. You can write about what actually interests you! School doesn’t let you do that all that often, but this class does. You get to choose your genre, choose your platform, and choose your topic, over which you may project your unique self and your ideas. It is really cool, and makes for some final projects that you can and should be really proud of. The work you’ll produce in this class can be meaningful and worthwhile. If you know that you want to learn more about a certain thing, or maybe that you want to have a greater body of work in this specific area, you can get right to it. Or maybe you have no idea… then you can explore themes in your life that interest you. Or something else I haven’t thought of for this blog entry, but that’s the beauty of it all. 

TWO. You can do it the way you want. That speaks for itself. Envision the project how you want it and get it done. It’s exciting to work on things that are truly, authentically, yours.

Other advice:

Be conscious of your learning. Reflect on what you write and how you write. Reflect on how effective your writing is and how effectively you project your voice through different styles and genres. This is the extra step that will help you really grow as a writer.

Go to office hours. And also go meet other Writing professors. Go to the sweetland website and make an appointment, then go into Sweetland and meet a really cool, smart, and helpful person! They all seem to really care about what they do and what the students are doing. They care so much about your learning and your interests! So go in and get to know them.
And speak in class. Have discussions on writing and what you like writing about. Speak your mind, agree and disagree, and just have honest conversations. Building good relationships and building trust with your peers will help you get the most out of peer review and peer groups. They are actually really helpful.

4 thoughts to “Advice For Newbsss”

  1. Hi Wyatt! I also really appreciate how open-ended the assignments are! I feel like I’m able to work on anything I want as long as I can justify it, and that’s really comforting. As you mentioned, we’re not able to do that very often in school, so it’s important to take advantage of it. Taking you as an example, I can see how this class impacted what you plan to work on in your future and I think the takeaways from your final project will follow you into your career.

  2. Hi Wyatt! I really enjoyed your advice for the “newbsss” (plus, laughed out loud when I read the blog post title). I especially liked the part where you said to speak up in class, because I’ve found that hearing opinions about the topics we’re learning helped me navigate the class in a more meaningful way. I’ve found that when I disagree with what my peers are saying, it actually helps me improve my writing because I have to put myself in their shoes in order to view my writing in a more objective way.

    I mentioned in my blog post, too, to take advantage of blog groups because you and Kelly have helped me so much in improving my writing. I am so excited to see your final projects and really enjoyed working with you this semester!

  3. Hi Wyatt! I really enjoyed reading your post. As a gateway student, it was helpful for me to read about the benefits of the Minor In Writing program from a student who has already experienced the course. I felt an instant connection when you stated that school does not always allow you to pursue things you enjoy. That being said, I am looking forward to finding a topic that I truly care about for my remediation project. Also, it was nice to here the advantages of using the available resources to hone my writing skills. This is something that I plan to do this semester. Thank you for the great advice!

  4. Thanks for the words of wisdom! I like what you said at the end, about the importance of conversation in class. I feel like this class is a pretty unique situation in that we all want to be here (I mean, I’m assuming we all want to be here—lol we all applied). And, because of this, we’ve all got some level of enthusiasm and something to contribute to and complicate discussion with! Not all classes we take here at the university involve that level of involvement. I also appreciated the point you made about being conscious of our learning. I think this goes along with this same idea, and that it’s important to take advantage of this creative freedom in order to understand our own style of writing, and figure out what we are good at/what we enjoy.

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