Advice & I Can’t Believe It’s Almost Over

First, I hope you have a successful and fulfilling semester! Second, get ready to do a lot of reflection (of every kind).

I think the minor is meant to make you think holistically about composition and rhetorical situation. You start to think about what writing is and what elements constitute effective writing. You have to make a lot of deliberate choices. It’s fun and challenging, because everything is on the table in terms of what you can do.

Choosing an original source: Get a feel for what the major themes of your potential pieces are. Or choose an assignment you had that you wanted to explore differently. I think the key thing to remember is that what links your original source and your repurposing project is thematic or conceptual. So the connection can seem loose, as long as those aspects are evident. Find something you can expand on in many ways. I chose something that was personal (a letter to my friends), but related to a lot of different facets of academic life and campus life.

Repurposing & Remediation: I’m sure a lot of minors have said this, but do take risks! I learned to do things I’d never done before. It’s one of the only times someone is giving you permission to be risky and encouraging you to do so. I wish I had time to experiment with everything: podcasts, websites, videos, etc. If you need a lot of time to complete something jeopardous, choose to make the remediation project your riskiest endeavor. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of time editing or formatting will take, so try and take that into account.

It is a small class, and some people are writing about personal things, so you will get to know your peers through writing. The minor truly brings together a diverse group of people, so take advantage of these opportunities to make connections.

To conclude, DO NOT underestimate the e-portfolio. Also, the minor is really all about you. It’s self absorbed work, in the best way possible.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I created a Michigan Daily article for my Repurposing projecting, and a website for my Remediation. 

Kennedy Clark

Kennedy is a Sociology major with an ineptness for exposition and an excessive love for Michigan basketball and pretzels.

2 thoughts to “Advice & I Can’t Believe It’s Almost Over”

  1. Dear Kennedy,
    I think you make a lot of really good points here! I especially liked what you said about the minor making us think holistically about the rhetorical situation. For instance, I never really thought of a website as something that would have a rhetorical situation. However, by the end of the semester I realized that the eportfolio had a lot more to do with writing (or thought processes that I normally attribute to writing) than I originally thought. Even if you choose to convey your messages through images or aesthetic rather than text, each choice really has an impact on the viewer’s experience as a whole.

    It’s also really true that the minor consists of such a wide array of people – and it’s definitely a space to make connections and get different perspectives on your work!


  2. This is such great advice! Picking an original source with a clear theme is a great idea. It gives you room to work with it and take it in many different directions. And it gives you the freedom to work with something again and see how your viewpoints have changed or not changed. And of course I agree that everyone should take risks! This isn’t the class to play it safe, there really isn’t a negative consequence so why not try something new and challenge yourself. There are so many ways to benefit from doing something unfamiliar, especially in something as fluid and experimental as the writing we did in this class.

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