An ePortfolio by Person In-Progress

I remember the end of college applications. I took all of my admissions essays and bundled them together in a neat folder with an owl on it. “Yes,” I said, “this is my baby.”

After clicking the submit button for my gateway ePortfolio, my first thought was “Gee! And I thought college apps was a lot of writing.”

I’m really thankful for having the opportunities that this class has given me: improving my writing by working with a topic that interesting, working with a cohort of amazing writers and people, and being taught by a great teacher that cares.

I feel like I’ve grown so much as a writer in the past few months. With a science major, I so used to working to deadline after deadline. It was refreshing to think that all my work being in progress. I remember spending a bit of time trying to figure out what my topic for the class would be and ended up changing it the next week. But that was okay; my work was in-progress. I submitted a second re-purposing draft that I wasn’t sure of. But it was okay; that was in-progress too. This class reminded me that after my classes, that’s not the end. There’s still more that I can learn, more than I can improve. While I’ve just turned in my ePortfolio, to be honest, I’m probably going to keep working on it in the near future before turning it in to study abroad and fellowship committees.

I’ll always be growing, and I find that thrilling. If you’d like to my progress, my ePortfolio lives here!

Katrina Soyangco

Katrina is a BCN and writing minor student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She hopes to someday become a physician, although not quite sure what kind yet. She’s not as cool as her older brother but strives to be.

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