And…We did it!

Did anyone else think this semester went way WAY too fast?! I mean, I feel like it was just yesterday everyone in Shelley’s Writing 220 class was awkwardly sitting down in that little computer lab USB classroom, not knowing what exactly we were getting into but excited to find out. It feels like just yesterday when Shelley introduced the major projects in the class and my heart began to flutter with excitement and a whole lot of panic. It feels like just yesterday we were all sharing our first ideas for our repurposing pieces and discussing the rubric for the eportfolio. It feels like just yesterday I was the insecure writer who would have never dreamed of creating a whole WEBSITE to showcase her work for all of the interwebs to see.

But that wasn’t yesterday, it was a whole semester ago. And the amount of growth that occurred has allowed that insecure writer to become slightly less insecure, if not actually confident about her writing. Because ultimately the thing this class taught me the most was that it is okay to have confidence in what I write. My voice does matter and people do want to read what I have to say. And it is okay to share my story; it will only mean more people will get to connect with my hope and my past struggles.

So here is my eportfolio, a whole semester’s worth of work.

This little url has caused me many sleepless nights, a little bit of anxiety, and a whole lot of love for what I have created this semester. I truly believe the work I have done throughout the class represents who I am as a person to the fullest extent. I have grown and learned more about myself in a way no other class on campus could come even close to doing. And lets face it, I have worked SO hard to get to this place, I can’t help but be proud with what I have accomplished. And with that, I am signing off for the last time as a gateway student!

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