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I always feel a little weird giving advice because I’m usually like why should I know better than anyone else about something? But, if there’s anything I’ve learned throughout the course of this class, it’s that you’re capable of so much, and you know more than you think you do. We’re always the hardest on ourselves, but you won’t know or realize how capable you are at first. That’s what this class will do for you. It will force you to come to terms with your capabilities, recognize them, accept them, and ultimately, push boundaries once you begin to understand them. Once you realize you’re not actually a completely inept and incapable human being, both in terms of your writing and life in general, you’ll feel more comfortable branching out to try different forms of composition. Your projects will rock, you’ll surprise yourself, and it will feel bizarre actually wanting to put so much effort into school work, not even for the grade, but for the sheer idea of being able to take pride in something you’ve created. Effort into school work for quality rather than the letter grade itself, WHAT IS GOING ON? DO YOU EVEN GO TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN?

So, if there’s any piece of advice I can give to you, my young and newly declared Sweetland writing minor sweethearts, it’s to let yourselves come to these realizations and to have faith in your capabilities. I don’t care if you’re an English major who has always dreamt of writing like Shakespeare, or if you you’re in Ross and you thought this minor would be a “valuable skill that would make you a great asset to company,” you’re here because you want to be here, you deserve to be here, and I swear you’re capable writers, that’s why you’re in this minor. You might not realize how capable you are of producing video or audio or photography, and right now you might not even realize that all of these things do, in fact, constitute as writing? <—- NOTE: (this question is still up for debate, and will not be fully answered, but you’ll come up with your own interpretation/solution, and you’ll rock on with your bad-self from there.) But, once you dabble in these various forms, you’ll realize you can do it- even if you can’t do it that well. This class will ignite your passions, spark your fires, and inspire you in all different ways. It’ll show you your capabilities, and it will force you to confront what you think are your incapabilities, no matter how much they scare you. Yes, I’m fully aware of how cheesy and preachy this all sounds. Isn’t this is just a class after all? But, I can’t help it. It might be just a class, but it’s a class that has done more for me than I could have ever imagined, and it will do all this for you too. You just have to trust that it will.

Rebecca Soverinsky

Rebecca is a Junior (please send help for her mental state in accepting this and a walker for her aging body) studying Communications at the University of Michigan. She believes award show season is the best season (shout out to E! News) and is always willing to take on a challenge or learn something new- as long as there is Nutella involved. She hopes to learn as much as she can from the Sweetland Minor in Writing, and she's excited to see what's in store.

7 thoughts to “Blog 12: Closing Time One Last Call for Alcoh….**Advice”

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    You did a great job of hitting the nail on the head regarding how I approached the course load for this course. There’s definitely a pretty large amount of work assigned in this class, but I found myself throwing myself into the work with excitement and rigor, for some reason I didn’t really know… but I definitely knew it wasn’t for the grade. I think that you’re exactly right though as to what that reason was — we’re creating something that we can be proud of, not just within the bounds of the class but outside of it as well. Because of the freedom we’re granted in choosing our projects, we’re way more likely to pick something personal to us, and thusly something that doesn’t only relate to our coursework. And because of that, because we have some sort of bias towards what we’re making, it’s that much more likely to come out well. Great last blog post, and it’s been fun being in the blog group fam with you!

  2. Aww, I didn’t realize this was our last posts. Cheers to a great semester!
    Becca, I love the title of your post and your gif, haha. You made some really great points about the class. I think that we also won’t fully realize the impact this class has had on us until later. At least for me, through exploring spoken word poetry, I’ve realized that I might want to do more with it in the future. I think this class is all about self-fulfillment–tailoring our own needs to each of the assignment. It was awesome sharing our artistic/risk-taking journeys together 🙂

  3. This was all such great advice Rebecca! I really connected with what you wrote because before reading your post, I was unsure if I was a good fit for the writing minor. I felt as if in order to get something valuable out of the minor, you had to be the type of person who wrote as a hobby in addition to writing for academic purposes (which I am not). I thought that I was not capable of moving past my comfort zone of how I am used to writing, but I now realize that that is not the case. I realize that everyone’s incentive for minoring in writing is different, and everyone is capable of achieving their individual writing goals.

  4. Hi Rebecca! I really enjoyed reading your advice post. I have always thought about each “course” as a stepping stone to graduation, and I loved learning that each course has a special opportunity to change who I am. Your advice pushes me to absorb everything I can from the Minor In Writing program. I hope that I feel an abundance of knowledge, like you did, when I finish gateway. Thank you for writing such an inspiration advice blog. I am now extremely eager for my semester in gateway!

  5. Rebecca, I loved this post! It not only reminded me of why I applied for this minor to begin with and what I’m excited about, but also that I deserve to be here. You’re advice relieved some of my anxiety that I’m the only one who struggles, and proved that everyone is here for the same purpose- for some reason or another, we all love to write and want to improve and push ourselves. I think it’ll be really helpful for me to stop thinking of this class as being a typical class with a grade, and instead just consider it an amazing opportunity to learn and grow with a diverse group of people that happen to share a common interest! Thanks for putting this into words, you’ve gotten me excited all over again!

  6. Hi Rebecca!

    Thanks for reminding me before I even begin that I’m not a “completely inept and incapable human being” and letting me know that this class will help me come to realize that as well. It was refreshing to hear that this class will help in so many more ways than to just strengthen my writing. I hope I find the trust you have that this class built up for you so that I can experience it in the same way you did. I also enjoyed the seemingly existential writing crisis we’ve been posed which is to question what constitutes writing. I think it’ll be fun to explore that much more in depth this semester.

  7. Hey Rebecca!
    First, I have to say that I loved your title for this- made me laugh!
    I really appreciate your advice and reassurance that I am supposed to be here. After attending the first class, I thought I may be out of my element since I don’t often sit down and write for fun on any given day. But you really put my mind at ease & I’m now even more so looking forward to challenging myself and pushing what I feel are my limits with writing. I appreciate the “cheesy and preachy” sound of this article because it ultimately sounded very genuine! You’ve settled my nerves and made me once again excited for the learning and freedom in writing I will experience throughout my time in the minor!

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