ePortfolio and Goodbye :’)

This has been a truly great semester, summed up by my pride in the projects I’ve completed… summed up in how cool I think my eportfolio is. Mouth full! Writing220 was certainly back loaded with work to finish up, but I think it all came together really nicely. The eportfolio was really kind of meaningless to me until I finished up the other work in pieces. I realized just how this would all come together right as it did (and with a lot of thanks to peer work we did in the class). Just as I figured out the best structure to the website, the pieces just fell into place and the website looked and felt really representative of (1) the work I had completed this semester – both within and even outside of this class – and (2) who I am. That’s very cheesy, but it’s true. The eportfolio really represents my aspirations as a writer, so that feels like a job well done.

What would I like you to know about my eportfolio… Well, I think you should know that I did not take that big picture of New York. I got that from Google, as it was licensed online for reuse. Pretty exciting when you get a good picture online that’s licensed for reuse. You should also know that in my “Other Work” section, I have written up a policy recommendation for a policy in New York called “421a” that deals with housing developments and, subsequently, the developments of affordable housing within private housing developments. It’s pretty long, but if you’re interested in stuff like that, give it a skim! Maybe you’ll learn something new.

I also want to say thank you to Naomi and to everyone in this class for a great experience. I looked through some of last week’s blog posts and could see that many people advised the next class to really utilize peer review and get close to their peers. It takes open minded and honest people to really utilize peer review and I know I experienced nothing less than real commitment, good feedback, and support in my writing from my peers. Have a good break, everyone.


My eportfolio: wefrank.wix.com/eportfolio

3 thoughts to “ePortfolio and Goodbye :’)”

  1. Hi Wyatt,

    Let me start by saying I absolutely love your welcome page of your ePortfolio. Since I know how much you love New York, I was hoping you’d include an image and I can’t say I was disappointed. I also really liked the way you divided up your written work. That was something I really struggled with and I think your organization makes a lot of sense.

    I also love that you included the property tax exemption law in your ePortfolio because I always love to learn something new, and I definitely took out a lot even in the short time I spent skimming. It was unique to include this, and I think it aligns especially well with your other work.

    Thanks again for such a great semester! I’m sure I’ll see more of you throughout our time in the cohort. Have a great break!

  2. Hi Wyatt! Great stuff. As Caroline noted above, the landing page of your ePortfolio is very nice and I think it gives off a great first impression. I laughed when I read your comment about photos being licensed for reuse…that was such a struggle for me. I had to deal with that a lot this summer when I was blogging at my internship, so you get me.

    Thanks for all of the advice you’ve given me this semester and hopefully we’ll see each other again on this Minor in Writing journey!

  3. Hey Wyatt, great job on your eportfolio! It’s awesome to see the before and after. Your About Me page really ties the entire thing together and explains to your reader why you’re so passionate about the projects showcased on your website. Scrolling through your Remediation website, I also really liked how you included Corey Johnson’s contact info as well as an Upcoming Events calendar. Everything was right there on the website, easy to access. I’ve previously known very little about Lower Chelsea, Manhattan, but your discussion about each building/location, the elected officials, and other major influences in the area made me feel really connected with this community. Great work!

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