ePortfolio! The end…

I remember previewing various ePortfolio’s at the beginning of the semester, and feeling slightly intimidated by the amount of writing they seemed to contain. I remember feeling stressed, too, at the mere thought of having to create one of my own in just four short months. But as I add the final touches to my ePortfolio, I am finally realizing that I have indeed completed all four major projects, and I have made dramatic improvements as a writer along the way. This semester has flown by faster than ever before and I am amazed at the quality projects I have been able to complete.

As for the ePortfolio in particular, I am most satisfied with the general layout of the site, including the format of each individual page as well as the organization of the portfolio as a whole. Simplicity was my main focus during the construction of the ePortfolio, and I believe this focus is clearly reflected in my final product. I am also very happy with the three major projects my portfolio displays. I feel as though all three projects were created in accordance with my overall goals for the minor, and clearly reflect my passion for medicine, too. But with that said, there is still a fair amount of work to be done on my portfolio, most of which revolves around the writing reflections.

The overall process of creating the portfolio was more extensive than I initially imagined. My goal for the portfolio was to create a very user-friendly showcase to display a wide array of my writing. I therefore considered the placement of each aspect of the site, and included numerous direct links from one page of the portfolio to another in order to achieve maximum ease of use for viewers. This careful consideration perhaps lengthened the process, but was well worth the effort in the end. While my ePortfolio is not yet complete, you can view my project as it currently stands right HERE.

I still cannot believe the semester has already come and gone, but I look forward taking more writing classes for the minor in the coming semesters.

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  1. Happy to hear you are so satisfied with how your portfolio has turned out! It really looks great, and simple like you said. I really like how you are able to have your reflective text take over the show and keep your projects off to the side for the viewer to peruse as they please.
    It was great getting to know you this semester!

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