My eportfolio is in its final stages! I am happy how it turned out. I have made a site like this before that I would describe as bare. It did not really express my interests or who I was. I feel like I had a bit more freedom with this site and I was able to express what I really wanted people to know about me. Aesthetically, I like the idea of large images taking up the screen versus text overload. Kind of like a gallery, very visual to convey the message and image I wanted. I am also pleased with my minimalist approach. I like clean lines and simple font that is consistent, so I think that I executed that rather well, when I could have gotten carried away with all of the fun colors and layouts!
Something that I am still trying to work on is the reflective comments. I am trying to find the happy medium between enough explanation and not giving too much away about the project. I think that I need to be less vague and go into a little more detail as to why I made the decisions I did and what challenges I faced when making changes.
Throughout the process I was very contentious of the fact that I was creating a platform for people to judge me. I know that the portfolio’s point is to showcase who I am as a person and writer, but I was very aware of the idea that other people would really be able to see me. With that being said, I think I was able to accentuate the aspects of my life that I really wanted people to know about. Three of the things I really love are sports, traveling, and writing. I think I was able to convey those aspects of my life well in this portfolio. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!
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Allison Skaggs

Hello all! My name is Allison Skaggs and I am a junior at Michigan. I am from Orange County, California and decided to come to Michigan for a different kind of college experience! Currently, I am on the women's varsity water polo team and plan on majoring in Sport Management. Some things I enjoy during my time off are reading, swimming, attending sports games, and spending time with friends and family.

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  1. Hey Allison,

    I totally agree with the aesthetics of clean lines when it comes to our eportfolios. I think it is essential to find a balance between expression and professionalism. I see where you’re coming from with the reflective notes on the projects, but I really think it’s okay if you are more specific than vague. I think a lot of times people will jump straight to the project and read the reflective note after – but it’s kind of how you want to set it up. For example, I put my reflective notes beforehand to kind of introduce my project and give some context to it before viewers read/watched it, but again this is totally up to you. I am stoked to see your eportfolio tonight! Woo writing!

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