It’s Time

Where to begin…This closing post seems like some kind of a sick joke. I’m waiting for someone to say ha just kidding you are still just a budding junior in college, it’s okay!! I am going abroad next semester so this marks my final days on campus as a junior (junior, the only word less scary than senior).

This class encompasses a lot of my junior year. When I walked into class and Shelley started throwing around words like multi-modal text and personal website and aural vs. oral (who knew the word aural existed? I sure didn’t), I wasn’t quite sure what I had signed up for. Now, I can honestly say that creating my final ePortfolio has been the most fun I’ve had all semester. I really love how it has all come together in such a tangible way; never before have I taken a class where I can see the changes in myself and my writing so concretely. Once I figured out Wix’s kinks, I would procrastinate my other homework by playing around with it, telling myself I was doing work so it was okay. Putting together all of my assignments in an aesthetically pleasing way was so much more satisfying than I anticipated. And whenever I think it is finished, finally, I find myself constantly re-opening the page to mess around with it some more. It is a perpetual work in progress, and while the perfectionist within me hates that, this new writing minor persona within me loves it.

Besides the creation of the ePortfolio itself, my favorite assignment by far was my Why I Write. I also can’t image having had to write that first thing in this class. Yes, I had applied to be a writing minor and had definite interest in it, but I had never had to think about why this was the case before. I would have been clueless, and the resulting product would probably have been shit, with no guiding theme. However, the fact that it was a sort of reflexive piece after I had figured out that I am indeed capable of creating different genres and messing with different ideas, creating my Why I Write seemed to be a much more authentic process to me.

…Peace out gateway!!!

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