Lessons from Kanye

I watched Kanye’s Oxford speech recently.

He was talking about his inspirations and journey throughout his career and at one point he said something like, “We’re all creators, we all have the ability to create.” It got me thinking about the definition of art. Art is so much more than just painting hung up in a gallery. The dictionary defines is as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination” and Kanye West was right. We are all creative thinkers. Just last night at our ePort showcase, no two people had an even remotely similar portfolio even though we all used Wix and had a checklist of requirements to include. This kind of spoke to me. It made me think about how we’re all basically walking bodies of art. No wonder we have fingerprints. That’s how I viewed the ePort: a digital fingerprint, a body of art, a reflection of individuality. 

I’ve never made an ePortfolio before or even used Wix, so I was super excited to do that. It was a weird experience thinking about how I wanted to present myself online; it made me contemplate everything. “Is that font me?” “Are those color schemes reflective of my charming personality?” I included a variety of things on the portfolio besides the required assignments: drawings, a poem I’d written, and pictures of family to go with the “body of art” theme. Here’s the finished work:


On an end note, it’s sad to think that this class flew by! Especially because it was becoming one of my normal routines to go to our USB classroom. The one thing that separates the Gateway course from my other classes is that I wanted to learn. The freedom we were granted with our assignments was addicting. It’s like, when I knew I could create practically anything, I wanted to do good and I wanted to make my projects great. And through that liberation, I learned so much more about writing and communicating in general. I encourage everyone to take the class. I hope it pushes you how it pushed me, and I hope you leave with a better sense your fingerprint.


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